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Hi everybody,

I just wanted to start a thread to talk about Andrew and what he’s meant to this club. Everyone knows how passionate and intense Andrew is but very few people know what goes on behind the scenes and just how much the Devils have meant to Lordo. In hockey, you’ve got 20 players not just to motivate and teach, you’ve got 20 PEOPLE that are all going through different things in their lives. Andrew, despite his tough guy reputation and image is one of the most caring and thoughtful people you’ll ever meet. He would regularly spend hours with individual players, working through their personal issues.

His work ethic is also the point of not being healthy. I’d regularly get texts from Lordo at 3:00 in the morning in Cardiff - in the middle of July!!!

Our club has meant everything to Lordo which is why you see the emotion that he has in announcing his departure. Lordo has accepted a head coaching job with an ECHL team that comes with it a very direct path to move up with two NHL organizations. It’s a huge and very rare opportunity for a coach coming out of our league and I couldn’t be happier for him as a friend.

Lordo will always be a Devil. He is helping us with the coach search and will undoubtedly be sending us great players from North America every year. Mostly though, I can’t wait to follow his success in North American hockey and see him fulfill his dream of coaching in the NHL. He can absolutely do it.

Thank you Lordo


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You could see by the pure emotion on Lordo face in the press conference what this club means to him...and I’m sure I speak for every Devils fan when I say, he mines just as much to us #ThankYouLordo

Hedd Wyn John

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Andrew Lord has been a tremendous player & coach for the Devils these last few years. His dedication, passion & commitment to the team & the club has been phenomenal. It's really sad to see him go but as a fan we all knew this day would come and I would like to say a huge thank you to Lordo for all he has done. Lordo will always be a Cardiff Devil. Diolch yn fawr a phob lwc yn y dyfodol. (Thank you very much & good luck for the future)


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The debt owed to him by the club and the fans can't be overstated. I hope that one day the whole organisation will have the opportunity to thank him and honour him in person. This would be a much harder pill to swallow were it not for the knowledge that we have such awesome ownership and leadership in the club. I honestly hope that he takes this opportunity all the way and is successful in everything he dies in the future.


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Thank you Andrew for 6 amazing years shaping this Club and bringing it success. You will go with the blessing of Club and fans who will be sad but proud of your achievements and contribution.

You deserve a new challenge and use it as a springboard to even bigger things.

Whoever replaces Lordo better bring the same level of passion, commitment and experience..... they are going to be scrutinised by a lot of people.


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How humbling to see Lord's emotion in that Press Conference. We complain sport is becoming sterile, what a revelation to see a tough guy let his feelings out like that. An inspiration from both a professional and personal perspective, best of luck buddy, you will surely go far.
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It’s an incredible opportunity for him, which he had to take. He’s been a great coach for us, and part of me wishes we’d seen him play for longer too, but I guess the player coach role was too much in the end. Thank you and good luck for the future (at the Swamp Rabbits?!).


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I know there’s always a lot of talk about these things and honestly I think retiring a jersey should be reserved for huge impacts on clubs (and maybe there are too many there already at some clubs).

I don’t think I’d be alone in suggesting maybe 71 should end up in the rafters at the Viola at some point.


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My little one has grown up as part of the Lord era. I can’t thank him enough for our memories and providing us with something that we bond over time and time again. The way he’s conducted himself and the culture he’s built not just with the team but off the ice as well created a superb atmosphere and a place where many memories have been made.
Thank you Mr Lord and the very best of luck for the next chapter.

Gaz G

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Gutted to see Lordo go but so pleased for him.

He's clearly gutted to be going and is certainly leaving with very very heavy heart.

The worst thing about this is that he isn't going to get the send off he deserves. It'd be great to get him back at some point in the future but I would have thought it's going to be extremely difficult to find the time.

All the very best in the future. You will be sadly missed.


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Great servant to the club both as a player and coach. A good opportunity and the right time for him to progress having had great success here in Cardiff, and only natural that he gives it a go in a higher standard league. As for retiring a jersey mmmm don’t think so myself. Will be interesting to see who replaces him and how recruiting goes. ( even though I can’t see a 20/21 season happening )
This really does feel like the end of an era but I’ve felt for the last couple of seasons like we were on borrowed time with Lordo as he was clearly destined for something bigger. He is a great coach and he will be sorely missed. A true hockey geek - I think he has left some big shoes to fill.

The amount of praise from others around the league is a credit to the guy he is and the role he’s played here at Cardiff. He played a huge part in bringing winning ways back to Cardiff - both as a player and a coach.

An exciting chapter lies ahead for him and I wish him well with all his future endeavours. I look forward to watching him in North America - if anyone deserves to succeed it’s him. Good luck to a true Devil - who will always be remembered fondly.

Hopefully we can give him the send off he deserves very soon. Diolch Lordo