2 Ales and Hockey tales by Wally


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If any of you guys have never checked this out, and love listening to hockey it’s a podcast by ex Devils player Brent Walton, with many ex devils players talking about their past and future. It’s a bloody great listen and is so funny and very informative about players, and their personnel experiences. If you have never tuned in then do it listen to Hotham, Finnerty, Franny, Salters and many many others. It’s a pure blast.


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The Kelman interview is a good one -
Also Alex Leavitt who used to play for the Clan - he’s been around Europe and provided an interesting insight !

Navigating Lieutenant !!!
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Hello and Welcome to another episode of 2 Ales and Hockey tales with Wally...and today I am so excited to have on a ........................................................
Great listen and especially fun to watch on You tube, not sure about the Leavitt one, he sounded a right &%£*
Loved Hoth restraining himself when Wally brought up all the good Simmsy gave to UK hockey
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Just reviving this to say that Wally is holding three raffles to raise money for an ex team mates wife who was in a car accident.

He has his last ever professional Jersey, I donated a Dixon game worn and a Graz 99ers signed by the whole team. £2 a ticket from his site. https://aleshockeytales.com

I'm sure he would appreciate a bit of extra support.