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    Devils v Flames

    Looking at the EIHL gamesheet we could be in trouble. Second 10mins for Riley,10mins for Linglet and Jardine seems to have lost it at the end. Riley total is 27mins,Jardine 20mins,Linglet 12mins i think. A lot of abuse of officials by the look of it.Devils reviewed Flames 1st goal so i suspect...
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    Sheffield Flooding

    Sheffield and surrounding area have been hit by severe flooding last night. Wishing the Steelers players and fans are OK and still on for tomorrow
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    Of those who have the new jerseys

    Any news on our ordered jerseys
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    Giants bring in.....

    Seems to be young,small and probably cheap. Why do they need him?
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    Challenge Cup Qtr Finals

    Looking at the draw Dundee have picked Clan.Steelers next pick will probably go for Panthers for money reasons. Flames might think we would be a soft touch but will likely go for Storm/Blaze winner. Leaving us our good buddies the Giants. Just guessing of course.
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    Sointu moves on

    The Terry Phillips article on this site covers it all so it seems
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    Sointu moves on

    Both the Hothams are still "playing" in the Allen Cup with the Blast. Maybe make an offer buy one get one free?
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    Sointu moves on

    Looks like he was on a Tryout but just played one game before being released.Has a solid background if he is fit.
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    Sointu moves on

    I wonder if his hand/wrist injury has been a factor.He came back from it and was hit again.
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    Sointu moves on

    This is a blow.A class player who has carried some he will be sorely missed.
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    Flyers v Devils

    In past seasons criticising players has been pretty harmless.Sadly these days social media seems to have bred a lot of serious nutcases.
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    Stars v Devils

    Weird looking lines tonight
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    Music at the game.

    It is great to hear a variation in the pregame music but why is it played so quietly? I know my hearing is going but playing Zombie like a quiet ballad is bonkers
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    Best wishes mate .I hope you will return when you are feeling better.On the positive side your blood pressure should reduce.
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    Flyers v Devils

    I am a long time Devils fan and intend to continue as such. I agree the team are struggling but naming individuals is not the answer.I hope some of the posters on here never sit on a jury life sentences would be mandatory. The team seem to have this "Autumn Break" for the last couple of...
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    Flyers v Devils

    This was happening in the Belfast game.Adey and Murphy suggested they have a problem with their pegs
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    Devils v Flames

    Probably too honest for the game against the Flames. Hogarth was a big influence on the Devils discipline and the result.
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    Hedden released

    Looks like they have finalised their roster and his points production not so good. They have retained Guptill ex panther and Doty has gone on loan to Ontario Reign AHL
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    Devils v Flames - Challenge Cup 26/10

    I will be surprised if there is a review because the officials ignored the penalty on Jardine preceding the elbow. Lord will not complain i think the Devils have a policy of not requesting reviews just taking the punishment dished out. Not wishing to be paranoid but it does seem Hogarth has a...
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    Physical poll

    Is this another case of a small group of loud fans who claim to represent the 2000 + group of supporters? I note with interest the demand for standing areas with some on here demanding several blocks more throw out paying season ticket holders to make room for the supposedly huge demand for...