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    Devils vs Clan - 15 Sept - League

    I think a lot of us get nervous. Second period was a bit dis-jointed. I think we showed we can turn it on when we want to? Good weekend though with four points.
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    Love this.

    Depending which model plane they use it is approximately 45 seater. (Sorry hipcheck for hijacking your topic)
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    Love this.

    Love this - nothing to do with music........ Loganair to start flights Glasgow to Cardiff (jet)
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    Graz 99ers vs Devils - 7 Sept - CHL

    Ideas please? Strip out Block 16. Install a few barriers.
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    Are Steelers a threat ( For those who reckon so)

    Coventry are top of the League. Go for it Wagstaff!!
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    Graz 99ers vs Devils - 7 Sept - CHL

    Giants Matt Pelech two game suspension and fine by CHL! (Sorry off topic)
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    Belfast v ausburger

    The comments about noise levels of visiting European fans like Augsburger are correct. However I feel they are not really watching the game avidly, just wanting to jump up and down and make a lot of noise. Depending on their beer intake you may get some questionable poor behaviour!! Giants are...
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    Devils vs Mountfield HK - 30 Aug - CHL

    What a win! Got a bit nervous in the first but thereafter I calmed down. Every player did their utmost as a team. I loved it . The late goal was unfortunate because 3-1 would have been a better reflection on the game. Bring on Sunday.
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    Short term signing

    Here's hoping that Matias will stay! Here's hoping that Joey Martin gets sorted sooner rather than later.
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    How important is the CHL

    My take on CHL is that it is our barometer to measure where we are in the world of Ice Hockey. To even get there you are doing well . You are amongst Champions. To progress you are doing even better. We have been there three consecutive years so that is very good going. We have not progressed...
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    Terribly sad news. A lovely personality gone. Hockey is only a game.
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    Devils vs MAC Újbuda - 25 Aug - Preseason

    We have CHL in a few days- let's have some JOY in the camp!
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    Premier Sports Offer

    Thanks for the heads up. My current deal is a reduced price of £89 at renewal in November 19.
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    Are Steelers a threat ( For those who reckon so)

    Are Steelers a threat? You bet they are. Games v Steelers will be star attraction like they used to be.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    Do I need to repeat it? If people need to do what is best for the club then drop the subject.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    I think we should stop discussing Haddad and Pope - period! It serves no purpose and gets you nowhere. (Yes,I know this is a forum)
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 17 + 18 Aug - Preseason Double Header

    Hmmm! Not watching same game as me. I enjoyed the game and we beat the Panthers 2-0
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    Pre-season games

    What is the cost of attending the 20/20?
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    Pre Season Training

    I would assume that all those who are here are already at it?