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  1. Kevlar68

    Ice Hockey man of the match........Russian style

    How mad is this award
  2. Kevlar68

    Shirt purchase

    So we had the shirt launch Wednesday but still no sign of it on the website, you'd think it would be on there the same day. Anyone have any idea of when they may be going on sale through site?
  3. Kevlar68

    Can we get a netminder like Hextall please, NUTTER!

    I'm amazed at this guy lol
  4. Kevlar68

    Calgary Flames new arena.

    Now that/s allot of money for an arena.
  5. Kevlar68

    Itv devils interview

    Great to see the devils get some good airtime on itv news sports section 6pm tonight.
  6. Kevlar68


    I'm not 100% sure how signings work in the EIHL but are the contracts worth anything? I was only wondering because of Ben Blood signing (great player). With the team we have now looking pretty solid (with a couple of additions) is it worth tying some of the players down now ready for next...
  7. Kevlar68

    Next season away games

    Just a thought but would it be worth showing away games with webcasts in the viola bar? Would there be enough interest? It's revenue for the bar and would be a good day on a 6 nations double header. Many don't use the webcasts but may want to watch away games.
  8. Kevlar68

    Any good sites for travel to Canada

    I'm looking to visit High River, Calgary and i know a few on here have been over to Canada. Any heads up on good sites for flights. Thanks in advance. Found a few hotels that look good so its just flights needed and any tips on travel while there.
  9. Kevlar68

    Brilliant Red Army Travel

    Just like to say what a great day we had Boxing Day away to Blaze. Really well organised by the Red Army Travel which made it such an enjoyable trip as it was our first since being at the IAW (Viola) Loved the Blaze arena as it was like the old school WNIR. The away supporters were amazing and...
  10. Kevlar68

    British ice hockey dream come true

    What a great read this is.
  11. Kevlar68

    Blaze away game Boxing Day

    Decided to go to first away game on Boxing day as had enough of Christmas already so want to get away :D Anyway, have paid for tickets through Red Army Travel but only had Paypal confirmation. When are tickets confirmed and allocated? Thanks in advance.
  12. Kevlar68

    CHL against Continental Cup

    I was thinking this over today after last nights loss. Its a tricky one. We want to win the league that's a no brainer but we go in to CHL as winners and as a player you always want to play against the best and we as supporters want to watch the team play against the best. OR enter...
  13. Kevlar68

    My Turn - The Movie to purchase

    Thank you to Diafol for link.
  14. Kevlar68

    This seasons Jerseys, What you think?

    So whats your opinions on this seasons jerseys. Not overwhelmed to be honest. To me looks a bit odd. Black one best of the three.
  15. Kevlar68


    Does anybody know around what date the fixtures for the season are released? I want to try to sort out a few away games this season with weekends away so want to book hotels in advance.
  16. Kevlar68

    Your most memorable moment from the WNIR

    We can't live in the past but what great memories the WNIR gave us, so what would be your one and only that you could keep with you forever.
  17. Kevlar68

    Great piece of journalism on NHL

    Came across this and what a great NHL story
  18. Kevlar68

    Worst ice hockey jerseys

    Thought i would post this just for something to do while we wait for news of signings and next season to start. I'm always on the look out for unusual or cool looking ice hockey Jerseys but on my searches i have seen some pretty shocking ones. We'll start off with a pretty subtle awful one but...
  19. Kevlar68

    Jersey Auction

    I know that they auction off the jerseys at the end of season but can anyone tell me if the warm up jerseys go in to the auction as i like the look of those jerseys. I didn't stay till end of auction last year so didn't see all the shirts get sold off. Many thanks for any info.
  20. Kevlar68

    Paul Sullivan - Big thank you

    Just to say brilliant again tonight Paul. All your hard work throughout the season with the intros and some with a very short turn around are much appreciated I'm sure by every Devils fan. So a BIG thank you to you sir, I tip my hat to you.