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    As mo is the most succsessful captain in the devils history does anyone think his shirt should be retired , if not hanging in the rafters maybe somewhere in the bar. shame our bar hasnt gone down the same road as gretskys was in the old wnir..
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    Banner Raising

    Has anyone heard at all about the playoff winners banner being raised in an up and coming game, maybe guildford or glasgow game..
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    Looks like Ned is not joining storm after all, nowt on their website yet but seems he wanted to come in late as his missus just had their 2nd child and the owners refused, thank god devils got fantastic owners..
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    Liam Stewart

    Not to sure about this , i may have missed a year somewhere but didnt he leave blaze to have a year out, but already had signed for sheffield when he was returning to ice hockey a year later..confused .com
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    Season Tickets

    Has anyone got any info on the collection of season tickets for the upcoming season please..
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    3 PTS

    Listened to simmsy podcast last week and a few fans mentioned 3 pts for a win in the league..WOW i would go with that, especialy if a game goes to OT, playing for the xtra 2 points insted of the 1.. could be in the pipe line as its been mentioned a lot pre season by fans around lge..
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    Anyone know of any new officials or rule change for this coming season.. I.E. no laptops to be used from crowd to determine a goal review...
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    That hit

    Watched a re run of playoff final on freesports last night, what a HIT on Murphy shoulder on shoulder , legal all round, still mystery as to why keefe was not given a penalty for his over the top abuse of the ref.. 21 sleeps to our first home game.
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    We all know Keefe was a hot head in his playing days, but his outburst towards the officials yesterday was over the top big time, ok his top scorer was injured in play , clean hit may i add but to abuse the ref like he did was shocking, I firmly believe if it was a league game keefe would have...
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    Heard a little rumour that if Belfast win the playoffs Keefe is being linked with Panthers and paul dixon off to Belfast..
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    Josh batch

    Wouldn't it be nice for josh to be honoured with a 2year contract after this season for his commitment to the team over the last 8 years and be rewarded with a testimonial..
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    less than 40 tickets left for this game march 30th..
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    playoff quarter final date...

    Am i right in thinking the date is sunday april 7th for the 2nd leg as on the fixture list...regardless of who devils are playing 6pm
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    Move on..

    After tonight's bad day at the office let's get behind the boys starting tomorrow..if we want that title we need to beat the clan twice imho..then hopefully the run in will take care of themselves..the players need us as much as we need them to perform...onwards and upwards. .good luck all.
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    Fakenham 13.55 tomorrow horse called.... LORD IN RED.....worth a gamble only 6 running..
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    Call me lord

    This horse is running at Sandown tomorrow at 14.25.....due a win??
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    Anyone know how ticket sales are going for the challenge Cup final...
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    Season tickets

    Credit where its due , well done owners / Todd on price freeze of season tickets for the up and coming 2019/20 season, it must be the only product or bills that is not going up, dont get me started on council tax 4.9% amongst other things...
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    TOP 2

    2 more sleeps to friday...what are fans thoughts on our double header this weekend in belfast, myself i will be well happy with a split weekend...
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    4 on the road

    What are fans thoughts on next 4 away games, looking at fixtures i will go for 6 points as nottingham got our number at their barn....