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  1. Temme

    Gleason Fournier #20 St. David's Day Jersey

    Gleason Fournier #20 Green St. David's Day Jersey for sale from 2017/2018. I wish i'd sold this closer to the time as i was offered a small fortune for it. As much as i love the jersey, i have more interest in spending the money on other things! Looking for £400 for it, but willing to...
  2. Temme

    Is it prediction time yet?

    Anyone brave enough to take an early ish season punt at finishing spots? # Players signed (per EP 5/8/19, some may be 2 way players): GOALIE / D / F Belfast - 3/6/12 Cardiff - 3/8/12 Nottingham - 3/7/11 Glasgow - 3/6/12 Guildford - 3/6/11 FIfe - 2/0/8 (lol...) Sheffield - 0/8/13 Coventry -...
  3. Temme

    NHL Night this Sunday vs Sheffield

    Devils have announced this Sunday will be NHL appreciation night: a really cool idea :) My initial though was poor timing (2 days after St. David's day...), but don't want to be 'that guy' to whine. I'm now torn as to which jersey...
  4. Temme

    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    URGENT POLL IF the Devils & @devils_redarmy had the opportunity of selling Playoff tickets at the arena THIS Sunday from 10 am (in person only) would you prefer that to booking as normal through the Nottingham box-office on February 4th? This is the poll currently on twitter for the Devils...
  5. Temme

    Steelers sack 3

    Buzzeo, Climie & Della Rovere are the latest 3 players released by the Steelers. It will be interesting to see who they are able to bring in as we have obviously been in a similar market ourselves until picking up...
  6. Temme

    Devils sign James Livingston
  7. Temme

    Nottingham sign Chris Stewart

    Panthers have announced the signing of Ex-NHL player Chris Stewart - 691 NHL games, playing most recently for Calgary last season. Incredible signing for our league, and one that would have been more than welcome with the Devils.
  8. Temme

    Eric Neiley MK -> Sheffield

    Eric Neiley has departed the MK Lightning to re-join Sheffield: Good signing to have back, looks a very sharp player and will bring some much needed offence...
  9. Temme

    MK coach quits MK coach has left the club citing 'personal reasons' for his decision. If he'd have waited another month they could have signed Thommo straight from the DEL after he's shown the door.
  10. Temme

    Patrick Asselin signs in Germany the same team he played for 10 years ago. Interesting signing, i thought he had retired to pursue photography full-time, but obviously no! Best of luck to him with his new team! article below: link...
  11. Temme

    Paul Thompson leaves the Sheffield Steelers

    Link: left of his own accord citing "personal reasons"
  12. Temme

    Players signing elsewhere - Elite Prospects snooping

    This is going to seem a tad obsessive and OTT for some people, so i apologize in advance... So the new elite prospects player pages have a section that says "Contract", it has a link to the EP jobs page and then either says "Register" or "Sign". Players that have "Sign" next to their contracts...
  13. Temme


    Just a random thought, Are there any plans to finish the center ice scoreboard (Or would anyone hazard a guess? At the minute it's just, in essence, 4 large tv's stuck facing away from each other, with all wires and gaps visible :) While we're on the subject, has anyone else noticed how the...
  14. Temme

    Thread to complain and whine about the referees

    Ok maybe the title is a little misleading, i just wanted to share my two penneth on the refereeing we've seen league-wide this season, which will undoubtedly lead to arguing and petulance amongst yourselves, and everyone seems to love a good argument/moan... as you were... Surely it's not just...
  15. Temme

    Flames David Lilliestrom Karlsson forced to retire Guildford's Karlsson has been forced to retire through a concussion sustained earlier this season in September. Very sad news, for those that saw him play an extremely...
  16. Temme

    Edinburgh Capitals lose 3

    3 players have left the Edinburgh Capitals: Not that this is news anymore, it's more of a case of "which day in October/November are the players going to leave the Caps THIS year?" I suspect Nyqvist will be in popular demand...
  17. Temme

    17/18 season overview

    Hallo. every year i seem to write one of these out of boredom & excitement for the new season! Let's take a look at the EIHL for 17/18, starting with the teams Coventry Blaze: What can be said about the Blaze - a team that promises to be almost unrecognizable from last years disaster. Kevin...
  18. Temme

    Elite Prospects Jobs

    ok i've been doing some tragic digging out of boredom, so forgive me for going off on a tangent here: Elite Prospects has a "jobs" page on the website. When you attempt to register as a team, it will give you a page of options, so far i've come across two. When clicking on a team you will...
  19. Temme

    Thank you Chris Culligan

    Chris Culligan has announced his retirement from the sport on his twitter account. Thank you very much for your 3 years service with us Chris, those are some massive boots to fill.
  20. Temme

    Bauer APX2 PRO STOCK CARDIFF DEVIL skates for sale - size 9

    Hi guys, Bauer APX2 pro stock hockey skates for sale, these were worn for the 15/16 season by one of the Devils, these are in the shops for £500+. They are size 9 (will fit shoesize 9-10) and have usual wear and tear, generally in good condition with plenty of life left in them (they have only...