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  1. kristian

    Devils vs Flames - 14 Sept - CC

    What happened to the #67 sure we only seen in the period for a shift or 2? Mo to make a comeback!!
  2. kristian

    Graz 99ers vs Devils - 7 Sept - CHL

    What did the owners have to say in the Q&A before the game?
  3. kristian


    All the new guys looked good Masi already a crowd favourite and in Todd's words put in the biggest hit in pre season history after about 10 seconds. We looked fast and ready to go this is going to a entertaining season win or lose. A good work out by all coped with a few 5 on 3s. No #88...
  4. kristian


    Well that was entertaining
  5. kristian

    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    He seems to be happy with life at the devils. Happy in his role which is what you need has a team . No mention of him doing equipment role mind
  6. kristian

    Devils sign Mike Mcnamee

    Can someone point me in the direction of the podcast with Dixon please.
  7. kristian

    Off-Season Quiz No. 1

    Louis, Reddick, Fournier, Mo & Dixon
  8. kristian

    Off-Season Quiz No. 1

    Sure he played in Coventry cc cup game
  9. kristian

    Devils Vs Giants - 14 Apr 19 - Play Off Final Mega Game

    YES WELL DONE DEVIL'S !!!!!!!!!
  10. kristian

    Devils Vs Panthers - 13 Apr 19 - Play Off Semi Final Spectacular

    Be interesting to see if Haddad plays. I have feeling hes not been fully fit for a while. Think he has warmed up a few times but not played. Just keeping the opposition on they're toes
  11. kristian

    2019 - 2020 Roster ...

    Let's hope he right place this weekend
  12. kristian

    Blaze v Giants

    Lets hope the worm turns.
  13. kristian

    Tickets for Coventry next Sunday

    All done block9 take over
  14. kristian

    Devils Vs Storm - 23 Mar 19 - League

    Job done Let's move on to Sunday
  15. kristian

    Devils Vs Steelers - 3 Mar 19 - League

    My assumption is he Injured. Otherwise we would have him warming up? Just to keep other team guessing. Are you only allowed a certain number in warm up?
  16. kristian

    Devils Vs Steelers - 3 Mar 19 - League

    He played Friday night in Belfast but not since. But the Mosey don't play Friday but did Saturday, so may have been the plan all the time. Wondering if he was rushed back a bit with Mosey being out and then Ulmer picking up the ban. And still needs time recover fully
  17. kristian

    Devils Vs Steelers - 3 Mar 19 - League

    I may have missed this but is Haddad injured? Or just a tactical switch
  18. kristian

    Flyers vs Storm brawl

    What happens in Fife at end of game