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  1. Chris

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    I've got a feeling the new video always takes a few weeks to emerge as @Paul Sullivan and co get the footage that they need? I'm sure something will turn up shortly :D
  2. Chris

    Devils vs Graz 99ers - 1 Sept - CHL

    What's the score please? Currently sat in a service station in Belgium on the way back from the F1!
  3. Chris

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    Or rather, one poster... We'll look forward to your valuable contribution to the forum whether that's here or on Twitter.
  4. Chris


    If we could find a host for most/all of the games it might be a possibility, but we tried for a long time in the last season and we didn't manage to get anywhere with it. There are some other reasons along with the a I've, but that was the main one. Sorry.
  5. Chris

    New Devils podcast

    Any chance we'd be allowed to run an interview with you? Does ownership trump club policy hehe :P
  6. Chris

    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    Why is it strange? Maybe the club are keeping his signing until the end of the summer to be a final announcement before the games start? I could be wrong, but isn't he the most successful captain we've had, or thereabouts?
  7. Chris

    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    I imagine it's on Twitter, like the poster said...
  8. Chris

    Best 2 players you've ever seen in Britain ...

    I started following in about 2006 and for my money it's... 1. Craig Weller 2. Theo Fleury
  9. Chris

    Drew Schiestel Game Worn Red Jersey XXL

    As per the guidelines, please add a price:
  10. Chris

    Players who didn’t play here long enough

    I always wanted to see Rejean Stringer play a season for us after his efforts in the CC! Otherwise Weller, definitely Weller :)
  11. Chris

    The cage

    Appreciate the update @Shaggy, sounds like a few of the trouble makers that we've had on here who just don't seem to realise what information the forum can give us as admins. I think this thread can probably be locked now.
  12. Chris

    For sale - record breaking team signed jersey

    As per
  13. Chris


    Taken from THF:
  14. Chris

    Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2019/2020

    What @Wannabe2 said, rumours here please:
  15. Chris

    Bowns critics

    This. And this again. We've just won the playoffs, something we should all be celebrating. Now isn't the time for the fans to be turning on each other, and to be honest I don't want to have to deal with all the moderation that will be needed. I agree with the sentiments of you @Hedd Wyn John...
  16. Chris

    Devils Vs Giants - 14 Apr 19 - Play Off Final Mega Game

    Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun... Not sure what time face off is as I'm hundreds of miles away, but here's a thread and hopefully it's a good game (and we win of course!) :D
  17. Chris

    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    As we are now officially in the off season.. here we go with the Devils Confirmed signings and departures thread 2019/20 season. Key words "Confirmed"; "signings" and "departures" - if its not one of those.. it doesn't live here. Confirmed signings only here so no "heard it from a mate who...
  18. Chris

    Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2019/2020

    Coaches ... ... Netminders ... ... Defence ... ... Forwards ... ... (B) (I)