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    Flames vs Devils - 19 Sept - CC

    Our first genuine test of the season, not easy to get a result here.
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    Evan elp us !

    He seems to be about and in good spirits which is great to see. I hope his happy face tells a story of his injury. Looking forward to seeing him back on the ice. Anyone have any knowledge ?
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    There is an empty space that needs to be filled.
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    The Future

    Who are the future of the EIHL?
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    Giants !

    Looks like Keefe is building confidence in his team. They are marching on, fair play to them.
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    Perceived Arrogance

    How do we engage with fans of other teams without being perceived as arrogant ?
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    Seems like Bolduc is not the answer to all their problems.
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    Predictobet- 10/1 for a full house.

    When the fun stops, stop.
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    GB Women

    GB women are playing Neds live. Use Opera with vpn on Gold medal game I think.
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    Ladies night !

    I am bemused that there has been no mention of this major event !! I am also surprised that my invitation failed to materialize....
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    Where are our Canadian friends?

    There seems to be a lack of support from our Canadan mates! Maybe they don't enjoy this forum, but I'm sure we would all enjoy their input or crazy comments !! Even a few jokes !