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    Freesports - Devils games

    Freesports just said they will be showing both of the Devils games on the 5th & 7th.
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    Game worn jersey clear out - Batch, Marsh, Culligan & Voth plus others

    Im looking to sell all of the below jerseys Peter Smith - Festival of Hockey game (signed) - £50 ono Simon Keating - WNIR End of Era game (signed) - £50 Jay Latulippe - Playoff jersey from 08/09 season (with LOA) - £50 Paul Sample - 06/07 season set 1 white - £50 Steve Moria - ISL era but...
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    Hotham ban one game ban
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    Big Doug sacked

    Steelers release Doug with immediate effect ... -1-6438486
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    Player/fan confrontations

    I saw this posted after an incident at a SPHL game.
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    GB Lions tour of US

    As i couldnt be bothered doing anything meaningful in work i took a peek at the NHL website and came across this, nice mention of Cardiff Titans ... l:topheads
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    Jerseys for sale

    Ive got a couple of jerseys if anyone is interested. 1. Sacratini's very own testimonial jersey, which is signed - £175 2. Symmo's 2008 St Davids Day jersey - £75 3. Paul Sample's home set 1 '06/07 game worn jersey - £75 4. Peter Smiths white legends jersey, signed - £50 5. Lee...
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    Nice line fight

    Posted on twitter, havent seen it here so thought id share for those not on twitter. ... d=backyard
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    Dundee ticket sales for this weekend

    As its Monday morning and im bored already in work i thought id have a look at ticket sales for this weekends game against the Stars. If the PI website is true and without counting Blocks 1 & 15 there are only 89 seats left and those are mainly in blocks 8 & 9. Lets hope any newbies that...
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    Blaze game moved

    Blaze game officially moved ... ame-moves/
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    Have we been sussed by other teams?

    Been thinking on this one for a couple of weeks now but didnt want to put it up incase i got shot down as being over dramatic after getting beat by the Stars. Does anyone think that the other teams have now sussed out how to beat us and stop us playing the type of game we want to play or is it...
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    New shirt provider for the Devils?

    Having watched the 6pm BBC Wales news it was pointed out that the shirts that G and Sam were wearing were from Nike. Is this new gear that nobody has said anything about? Maybe PR got Nike involved? Anybody have any info/details?
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    Will January be defining period for the Devils????

    After a great away win at the Giants tonight i took a look at the rest of the fixtures. In January 2011 we have 11 games in 28 days (which doesnt include the re-arranged cup game with the Panthers). During this period we play the Panthers & Steelers away then Coventry home and away. This...
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    Its snowing with bears - a happy topic!!

    Just saw this and thought it was worth a post to lighten the spirit after the Vother debacle and the forthcoming Campbell one. ... re=related 23,096 bears for charity. Something to aim towards in the coming years me thinks :D
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    Campbell assault upon vipers player

    Just saw this on youtube thought you'd all like to see it. Ive posted it on the other topic Dirty Dirty Steelers to.
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    Authentic game worn jerseys

    Im looking to start getting some game worn jerseys, primarily of Devils players both past and present, from either their time at the Devils or from any team that they have played for previously. I have no idea where to start/where to look so im looking for some help if anyone can provide it...
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    Last nights referee - 7.11.10

    Just wanted to say some kind word about the ref last night in our game against the Giants. Thought Dean Smith was superb all night, didnt call too many penalties, he let the game flow but also he didnt take any crap from the players or the bench. Doesnt happen often that we praise ref's so...