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    Clan Jersey Launch

    See Clan have launched their jerseys. Must say I’m a little confused... They seem to have: a purple with black trim jersey; a purple with light grey trim; a white with purple trim; and a light grey with purple trim. So 4 jerseys. With a black “third” jersey to follow... Maybe it’s linked to...
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    2019/2020 Stephen DIXON

    Watch worn Stephen Dixon 2019/20 RED jersey sponsorship, £220. Now Sold. Thanks all.
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    Big Game Layne...

    Whilst we have all probably seen this coming, and since the McNamee signing it was made clearer, it’s still a big moment to say thank you and good luck to a huge player for us. He may not have been with us for 5/10 years but he’s had a huge influence. Thank you Layne. A true gentleman off the...
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    Do we know when fixtures are being released following the meeting last week?
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    Summit: Jerseys

    Anybody got a screenshot of that Black jersey front and back????
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    Frölunda Away, October

    Evening all, An away game in Gothenburg is on the cards (final preparations etc). Who else is going? Plans? Just trying to get advice on staying for a couple days to see what’s what, or whether cab do it all in the day (or so) we are there...
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    Programme: Wanted

    Saturday 11th March 2017 v Stars Afternoon all, pretty self explanatory - looking for this specific programme if anybody has a spare they would be willing to part with.
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    Lightning lose...

    ...D man Ryan Lannon. Appears to have just upped and left - Lightning being “aware” he’s left the club. Leaves Lightning with 11 forwards and 4 D men.
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    Pride Auction

    How did it go? Did I miss a mention on all profits going to charity or 50/50?
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    Wins, stats, newbies and a wiki

    Hi all! Huge weekend - long way to go mind you. I look forward to hearing what the RedArmyRoundup guys have to say about that! As a relative newbie I continue to learn about our history and many other nuances about this wonderful sport. I have managed to bring a few people to their first ice...
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    Penalty Shots

    Maybe I’m covering old ground here but given how difficult (compared to other sports) it is to score a penalty shot (if it was easy we’d see far more goals in shootouts) why in the event of a missed shot isn’t a minor called against the original offender? Obviously not a hockey veteran but...
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    I remember Linglet is one, who are the others?
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    Favourite jersey?

    Random thought - what are people’s favourite jersey designs? Have often thought would be great to have a website detailing Devils jerseys down the years. Unless there is one I’ve missed?
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    Long shot - Jersey Swap

    Long shot I know. I have an XL Black Jersey from this season (no number, name or signatures) looking for same (Black 2017/18) but in Large.
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    1 x Spare Ticket - Sunday 18th v Steelers - Block 1

    Self explanatory, looking for face value - PM me if interested. Thanks!