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  1. voth26

    2 adult tickets available tonight's game

    I have 2 adult tickets available for tonight's game in block 6 think ROW G? face value, can meet you at the rink if anyone's interested ring 07881758199 thanks
  2. voth26

    Challenge cup final

    So the Devils and IAW will host this yrs challenge cup final, well done Todd another brilliant of marketing comes together, even if the Devils aren't in the final IAW still makes some money
  3. voth26

    Salters retires

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post but not seen it elsewhere but announced Salters has decided to retire.
  4. voth26

    Lordo player of the week

    Great to see that Lordo is elite player of the week, even then he gives the team the credit for making his job easy, Lordo's words not mine :lol: Well done Lordo well deserved
  5. voth26

    Thoughts on leaving the BBT

    Whilst I'm really excited about moving into the new rink, I'm also kinda sad about leaving the BBT. For me I've had some of the best and the worst nights of watching the Devils there. The place has definitely given me plenty of memories for sure, like the very first game against Newcastle having...
  6. voth26

    First fight of the new season

    Just a bit of fun, but who do people think will have the first fight and how soon into the season. Im going for either Hendo or Batchy in either the Blaze preseason, or by the 4/5th game.
  7. voth26

    Are we too tough????

    May be a bit of a strange question but i have just looked at the league standings and we are head and shoulders above everyone else penalty minutes wise we have 203 minutes in 6 games!!!. Closest to us is Fife on 128 same amount games played. Blaze 113 pms 6 games, giants 113pms 7 games and...
  8. voth26

    premier sports offer????

    I recently read somewhere that there was an offer for i think it was premier sports coverage, but i cant remember where i read it???, any directions gratefully received lol
  9. voth26

    Scotland triple header

    Im flying up for the three games, can anyone advise best/cheapest way to get tickets for the three games (2 x adults 1 x child) thanks in advance
  10. voth26

    Single Adult ticket

    I have a single adult ticket for saturdays game for sale in block 13 row G if anyones interested, I think seat number is 8? ticket is for sale as person is unable to go. If anyones interested probably best to call me on 07913900423.
  11. voth26

    Kenton to panthers?

    According to the panthers website pretty much a done deal for Kenton in as cover for werner while he recovers from his broken leg??, could two games in a row for Kenton playing against us this season
  12. voth26

    Players Visa's

    Really hope all of the guys visas are sorted ready for the first game, and not as usually happens they land a few hours before a game then jump on a bus and drive xxxx miles to play, such as Jessie did last year against Belfast.
  13. voth26

    Buying tickets for August friendlies

    Sorry to post this but Im looking to buy tickets for 31st August and 4th Sept, but cant find the link/thread explaing how to buy on line, old age dont come on its own :roll: :roll: thanks in advance
  14. voth26

    Massive thanks to Jeff and Max

    I brought my 4 yr old grandson to the game last night (his 2nd game) we were waiting to go the bench area when out of the blue jurynec gave him a puck I thought this was a nice touch and my grandsons face lit up, while we were waiting for a puck sponsor photo (daughters b/friend with Jeff) we...
  15. voth26

    Consistency of refs calls

    Just been reading the game reports of last nights games on eihl, in the stingrays/panthers game campbell was ejected for checking from behind, yet levers and dab both got 2+10 calls for doing the same thing!!!!.
  16. voth26

    World record banner

    Is there a banner up in the rink regarding the guys world record winning streak!!!!, I have had a look but either there isnt, or i'm blind as a bat and couldnt see it . some one please put me out of my misery either way lol
  17. voth26

    clan v panthers playoff game

    seems the clan were a tad feisty against the panthers and managed to score 4 goals!!! miracles can and do happen seems a total contrast to the clan side that turned up and "played" against the steelers :evil:
  18. voth26

    playoff game 27th

    Any one know who we will be playing on the 27th had a look but cant find who (probably me) thanks in advance
  19. voth26

    devils rearranged cc game

    any one know when the cc game is rearranged for i've had a look but havent found any info stating when game to be played!!!!
  20. voth26

    How to contact the Devils Management ?

    Any one know shannon's email address tried contacting devils office guess their not there