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  1. wildthing74

    Asselin,Bentifoglio,Clarkson & MacRae for sale

    A few Game Worn shirts for sale as I want to thin my collection a bit more as I only tend to wear a shirt to away games so have jerseys that are not getting any use. Asselin red set 1 from 2016-17 title winning season £150 Bentifoglio White set 1 from 2016-17 title winning season £150...
  2. wildthing74

    Few jerseys for sale

    Slowly getting around to clearing out some jerseys as I finally come to the conclusion no point in having them hanging in wardrobes doing nothing! looking to reduce the collection quite a bit and obviously all game worn. Some of the older ones come with certificate of authenticity from when the...
  3. wildthing74

    Few jerseys from over the years for sale

    looking to try and stick to one of each style in my collection so looking to sell a couple.I will list them all at sensible prices so if anybody has any interest in any of these I can email pics if you are not familliar with what they looked like for that season. Not desperate to sell any of...
  4. wildthing74

    Free to a good home

    I know there is another thread similar on here already but I have been sorting my hockey room out and have lots of duplicate Powerplays,IHNR and old programmes from the 90s onwards if anybody would like them? In no rush to get rid as I will put them in my garage if they can't be collected for a...
  5. wildthing74

    Best new signing so far?

    Off the back of a 4 point weekend we can all find lots to be positive about at the moment but now we've all seen quite a bit of the new guys I wondered what fans think? I like the little debates at games and it's funny how fans see things so differently and one guy will say so and so is great...
  6. wildthing74

    Quiz night Wednesday 10th July

    Don't forget this is on Wednesday night.I haven't seen much talk about it on here so hopefully people hand not forgotten! The last even was supported really well and it would be nice for this to be too. Quick reminder it will be at the athletics Stadium in Leckwith from 6.30 to start at...
  7. wildthing74

    Red Out The Rink

    It's been a while since we have done this but I would love to see everybody wearing red Sunday. The atmosphere always seems to lift and the last time I recall us doing was the CC game last year against Steelers and the place was rocking. It's only a small thing but even if we as fans can give...
  8. wildthing74

    Lets make some noise

    I would like the club to really get the PR drive going all this week and build on the Biznasty factor.We saw what a difference having Weller brought and interest was huge in the club from the moment he landed. So many people came along just because they had seen us on the news,heard the radio...
  9. wildthing74

    Standing season tickets

    I'm not at the enl2 game tonight but I've been asked to post this to warn fans the standing season tickets have been put in the wrong spaces so expect possible disruption tomorrow at the Clan game. A lot of long standing fans who are there are telling me they are shall we say 'annoyed' about it...
  10. wildthing74

    Sheffield away pick ups Saturday 8th September

    For the lucky people following the boys to Sheffield next week the usual pick ups as follows Caerphilly 12.00 Llanishen(opposite 9 Giants) 12.10 ST melons(blue bell) 12.30 Dragon Fly 12.40 Please make every effort to be at the pick ups on time. Thanks John and Luke
  11. wildthing74

    17 sleeps

    Just a change from all the fighting on the other threads. I may be 37 years old and a grown man but woo hoo 17 sleeps :P Yep,saddo I know.
  12. wildthing74

    MacRae red CC shirt to trade

    I'm looking to slowly try and get my shirt collection to one of each style so looking to trade Stuuu CC red shirt from season just gone 2011-12.It has the C ofcourse. Open to sensible trades if anybody fancies it? Thanks
  13. wildthing74

    Red out the rink Sunday?

    Not that I expect us to need any motivating for Sunday's game but I would love us to red out the rink and create another atmosphere like we had in the CC cup game against Sheffield.That place looks great when we are all in red and it's rocking.
  14. wildthing74

    Nottingham V Sheffield 27th

    Probs not worth puting in the travel section but 14 of us going up for this game as we are playing in Edinburgh that night.We are getting either a 15 or 17 seat mini bus so may have few seats if anybody fancies joining us? Always wanted to go to 1 of these games but never gotten around to it as...
  15. wildthing74

    Coventry Away New Years Eve Special

    Spoke to a few fans lasty night who are keen for us to run a coach for this game. Luke and myself will organise it but with it being NYE the coach company want to charge more(understandable) but we need to book it now. As usual we will price it not to make a penny profit,just to cover the cost...
  16. wildthing74

    It should have been us ... ng-p174387 Still gutted and can't help feeling bitter that we aren't taking part after the season we had.Any other year and we would have done enough.
  17. wildthing74

    Sheffield away 3rd December

    The bus is now full but Luke and myslef will add names to a reserve list incase anybody has to pull out.Let us know by replying here if you would like to be added or PM either of us. Thanks
  18. wildthing74

    Final few programmes needed

    Following on from Burgy's thread I too am looking to complete my programme collection and not too far off. I also have many other spares if anybody else needs to complete theirs or trade? The ones missing are below Season 2008-9 Sheffield 161108 Season 2007-8 Basingstoke 060108 Season 2005-6...
  19. wildthing74

    Sunday lunch at the Pilot before Nottingham game?

    Didn't manage to get there the other Saturday but would be nice to get a load of us together before the Panties game next Sunday and then head down to the game after. Quite a few fans I know are away this weekend so first game for a few.
  20. wildthing74

    Time for the club to speak

    Even before this latest disaster in losing Pelle the club has been too quiet for my liking in speaking through the press to at least try and appease fans concern. I'm not saying the fans have a right to be addressed every time a rumour gets out but too much negativity has been building here and...