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    Devils vs Mountfield HK - 30 Aug - CHL

    Nobody has mentioned Fournier. I think he was out on the ice for 6 minutes straight in the second period. Thought he had a great game as usual.
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    You have missed out Fournier!
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    I think this is laser seasons announcement.
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    Devils Imports who married local lasses

    Didn’t know Lord was married
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    I think you’ll find that only 200 tickets will be available in February if all 500 are sold on Sunday
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    I think the limit should be 4 tickets
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    Evan Mosey Signs

    On the Devils website he is listed under defence .
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    Devils Vs Red Bull Salzburg -Thu 30th Aug 2018 / 7:30pm - CHL

    We are also missing Myers on face offs. I don’t think we won one until the second period.
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    So 11 teams - how to keep 3 conference system

    Rather have no conference system at all.
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    Monday night

    You and probably a hundred others!
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    Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2018/2019

    Looks like Patrick Galbraith has gone.
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    Fan Council Updates

    Couldn’t get it to load anything in block 8
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    Steelers release deveraux...

    I think you can replace him but you still have to play one import down for the duration of any game bans.
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    New CC Format

    So we play Guildford
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    Play-off format

    I don’t think the format has been announced yet. One for the Q&A on sunday perhaps.
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    New CC Format

    I don’t see how any professional league can seriously think this is a good idea. It smacks of manipulation of fixtures. So what now worries me is that the play off group format has not yet been published. So do we now wait to see who finishes top of the league and conferences. This is appalling.
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    It’s not just season ticket holders. Anyone with a ticket can attend. Door is the main entrance.
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    Colton Fretter

    Verdict on Eihl website Based on this independent review, the EIHL have taken the following action: Colton Fretter (Sheffield Steelers) - Suspension is now 6 games instead of 1 game. Spiro Goulakos (Belfast Giants) - Suspension is now 2 games instead of 3 games. Penalty for 5+ Game for...
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    Patrick Bordeleau

    From their Facebook page Patrick Bordeleau (Pat Bordy) had surgery this morning for a fractured tibia and péroné. His 2017-18 season is compromised. We will keep you informed of the evolution of its situation throughout the season