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    Rather than just put these books out for re-cycling, I thought I’d try and sell them and donate all the proceeds to the Scott Matzka support fund. They’re all complete and in good condition:- 3 x Canada Life British Ice Hockey Statistical Guide - 1995, 6 and 7. 5 x Ice Hockey Facts &...
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    Sky+HD box + remote

    Removed. We'll accept selling jerseys and hockey memorabilia on the forums, but not sundry items.
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    I’m having (yet) another clearout!! If anyone is interested in any of the following, please let me know:- 2004/5 Sep Panthers; Haringey Greyhounds (ENL Devils); Bees; Blaze Oct Bison; Capitals; Giants; Racers Nov Blaze; Steelers Dec Racers; Steelers 2005/6 Mar Giants; Bison Apr Capitals...
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    PLAY-OFFS 2011

    Apologies in advance if this has already been asked and answered, but have the dates and venue for this season's play-offs been confirmed yet? Thanks.
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    Programmes, IHNRs, Powerplays, etc, etc

    I'm running out of space so I have the following to get rid of:- 100s of programmes (vast majority Devils but a few others too) - 1987/88 to date 100s of Ice Hockey News Review - 1987/88 to 1999/2000 100s of Powerplays - April 1991 (when it was still a newspaper format) to date 26 Ice Hockey...