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  1. Wannabe2

    Opposition Players

    Early days yet, and not many have seen too many other players, but for me the player that looks very good is Belfast’s Wronka, watched him 3 times now, and he looks very very good. They got a good one there, look out for him.
  2. Wannabe2

    Steelers webcast

    Steelers webcast has been increased to £15, that’s a 50% hike on the price, now their webcast is very good,but come on £15 is pretty outrageous, hopefully people won’t pay it and it will reviewed.
  3. Wannabe2

    Are Steelers a threat ( For those who reckon so)

    In no particular comparison. Tanner Eberle. Joey Haddad. Eric Meland. Matt Pope. Anthony Deluca. Stephen Dixon. Michael Davies. Sean Bentivoglio. Jonathon Phillips. Josh Batch. Cole Shudra. Sam Duggan. Martin St Pierre. Charles Linglet. Nikolai...
  4. Wannabe2

    Open training night tomorrow

    Open training night tomorrow at the Rink, who’s going, should be a good night.
  5. Wannabe2

    Bit of fun for the doubters

    Bit of food for thought, for those who think Belfast are going to run away with it, this is not in any order, just showing where’s the problem. Patrick Mullen. Sam Jardine Curtis Leonard. Sean McMonagle Matt Pellech. Mark Louis Kevin Raine. Gleason Fournier Paul Swindlehurst. Mark...
  6. Wannabe2

    Players who didn’t play here long enough

    Okay guys here one for you, so many players who didn’t play here long enough, but you can only pick one each, and that’s one each, it’s a tough call my personal chose is Dennis Chasse, who is yours.
  7. Wannabe2

    Is it August yet.

    After that weekend, it’s time to start all over again surely.
  8. Wannabe2


    Soon be with us guys, won’t be long before the nerves kick in. Four teams all capable of beating each other, which makes it so exciting. Play as we can, and we will be fine. Whoever wins this will certainly deserve it, what a great weekend it always is, so come on lads, let’s do this together...
  9. Wannabe2

    Play offs quarter final

    So it’s Devils v Steelers love it, our arch rivals and the team everyone hates, knock them out and it’s a great quarter final, get beat and it’s good night Vienna.
  10. Wannabe2

    Giants v Flyers

    4-0 Giants, Fife not in it.
  11. Wannabe2

    Thank god i am Welsh

    Watching Giants tonight and thinking how lucky I am, Giants have a really good team, in a pretty good arena, but take away the Crèche fans and you are left with very little atmosphere. Friday games so the kids can come, Saturday so the kids can come, early Sunday so the kids can come, now I...
  12. Wannabe2

    The Final Countdown

    So it all comes down to this final weekend, and it couldn’t be much closer with Devils and Giants swopping first place on numerous occasions. So if we take a minimum of 3 points from our last 2 games the titles ours, whatever Giants do. It’s all in our hands now, and whoever takes it will...
  13. Wannabe2

    Blaze v Giants

    Just to say Blaze v Giants live on Freesports Wednesday at 7pm, come on you Blaze.
  14. Wannabe2

    Stars Webcast

    Nothing on their webcast yet, leaving it a bit late.???
  15. Wannabe2

    Only 7 games to go

    Only 7 games to go, 3 home and 4 away. Think we need 10 points to guarantee the title, all games are finals to us now, hope the pressure don’t get to us. Play as we can, and we will be fine, let’s hope for a good weekend this coming weekend. Happy Hockey Days.
  16. Wannabe2

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to the best Coach in the league Mr Andrew Lord, 2 points please lads for the best present our gaffer could wish for. Let’s hope our Coach has a really great day. Happy Birthday Hockey Days.
  17. Wannabe2

    Steelers woe

    Steelers lost 6-1 tonight against the Clan, Doucet with a hat trick what a pick up that was for the Clan. I just love that Brendan Connolly what a player.
  18. Wannabe2

    Challenge Cup semi, second leg.

    Just a reminder Giants v Clan second leg semi final Thursday is live on freesport, Clan leading 1-0 from first leg, bit of free hockey for us.
  19. Wannabe2

    Steelers in search for New Coach for next season.

    Barrasso has rejected a new contract hoping to pick up a coaching job in either the DEL or the KHL, Steelers desperate to change their fortunes around, can’t wait to see if that comes to fruition and need to start early with their signings.
  20. Wannabe2

    Panthers v Giants

    2-2 into overtime now, Panthers win 3-2