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    Lack of atmosphere

    A lot of the issues raised here are relevant with regard smaller pads, more hits, more competitive games etc. All this added to the atmosphere but things have changed...thankfully for the better. As much as I hope they do, these 'happy hockey days' may not last though - long term fans have...
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    Paul You’re probably aware of this song already but ‘Champion’ by Barns Courtney would make a...

    Paul You’re probably aware of this song already but ‘Champion’ by Barns Courtney would make a great celebration song for Sunday. You probably got it sorted already but please allow that I’m still drunk and felt the need to share this with you. No74
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    Next Year's Season Tickets

    I'll be buying a season ticket again if/when the new rink is up and running.
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    Blight to Steelers

    Could this decision not just be that we have to cut costs...and rather than leave a player that served us well out in the cold, we arrange for him to be signed with another club? I'm not up to date with who's tweeted what but I do worry about the state of the Devils finances. Ragan's comments...
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    Michel Moves On

    Gutted. The guy was a pleasure to watch. Even in games when things weren't clicking, he just kept going. The guy is effort personified.
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    All time favourite non Devils player?

    Neal Martin: awesome d-man.
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    Cardiff Devils v Belfast Giants - Sun 6pm - Chat/Updates

    I'm not convinced Voth fighting McMorrow would have been the way forward. All he had to do was play his usual in your face game and watch McMorrow go. Would anyone think any less of Voth if he turtled for McMorrow? I wouldn't. McMorrow can sit in the bin and watch while Voth keeps finishing his...
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    Is the 6th man close to being on two weeks notice?

    I've noticed how different Nottigham's chants sound - more masculine and therefore (sorry ladies) sounds louder or at least comes across with more impact. Feels like the guys at the tent have lost their voice sometimes (with the exception of block 2 of course - keep it going guys). Maybe...
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    Main Enforcer Role

    Let's sign Sharp !! :lol:
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    Elite league - British players...

    Thought it was a bigger issue than that as only 6 of the named 23 GB players this year were playing outside of the 'top four', for example (I know not all of them are British though). Like I said...I'm not up to speed on these things but was talking to a non hockey person about the number of...
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    Elite league - British players...

    For those with more knowledge than myself... As a way of spreading the British talent amongst the top-flight would the following work? 'Home grown' talent wages not counting toward the wage- cap. If Lyle, having learned his trade in Cardiff, was to play for us (indeed this is partly where my...
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    One for Finny?

    I just read that Jamie Langenbrunner is the NJ devils' eighth captain in their history and got to wondering how many captains our own devils have had? Any ideas Finn...or anybody else for that matter?
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    Listened to Nottingham's radio broadcast for the final - far better coverage than Simms on Saturday. There was the level of professionalism that you'd expect from the BBC. Slightly bias towards the Panthers?...maybe but kept in check. Simms just sums up everything I loathe about Sheffield. He...
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    Cardiff Devils v Belfast Giants - 07/03 - Chat/Updates

    I disagree. These guys are tough - they can take it. If I have a bad day at the office, it's not just my boss that has a go at me but those relying on me too. Let them know if their performance was not good enough. It wasn't. The alternative is to let people vent their frustrations through not...
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    Red Out The Rink Game

    I think somebody's missed a trick here: Red t-shirts with the 'feel the impact' advert on them at £6 or £7 each. Someone could have made a mint. Maybe next time.
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    Music and atmosphere

    Saw the intro for the first time on Saturday - I liked it and think the 'Hell Yeah' song is good enough for it...the only problem was, at the back of block 3 where I stood, I could hardly hear it. It was only because the graphics showed Hell Yeah and that I'd read on here somewhere that that was...
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    New Bay Arena?

    My point was that we wouldn't have to consider the agenda of CCC and could take better care of our own future. Maybe surrounding councils would be glad to accept us rather than see us as a burden? Even considering the option might make CCC think again when we come to negotiate with them. Even...
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    New Bay Arena?

    From someone who knows nothing about nothing... ...what are the chances of Matt and/or a couple of business buddies building their own rink in say Caerphilly (just outside Cardiff) or Newport (LG have some ground to sell off don't they?). Granted we mayhave to lose Cardiff from our name but...
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    Bob the Bison?

    He brought that dark period in our history upon himself...and he didn't 'keep hockey in Cardiff alive' for our sakes. Many people in the background contributed to that side of things...some of them losing out financially. Two things come out of his mouth...Elaborations and lies. I can't...
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    Appeals - Voth Ban Upheld (merged)

    Sorry if this is asking for information that everyone except me already me knows but can someone in the know provide a breakdown of the league structure: who owns / runs the league, who gets what say in which matters etc? Thanks