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  1. Oxforddevil

    Hopefully not another Capitals situation!

    Saw this article in the Sheffield Star , doesn't read very well for club not the league if true.
  2. Oxforddevil

    Kevin Bieksa free agent

    Haha being a Canuck fan aswell I'd love him on the team Mr King! He'd be great to have in the locker room,tough style of play and that superman punch In a Devils jersey would be fantastic!
  3. Oxforddevil

    Kevin Bieksa free agent

    Don't know if anyone has seen the post on YouTube with After hours from last night I am assuming, interview with him about how he's a free agent and his considering Europe! Could be worth an attempt to sign home for rest of this season or definitely next , might be 37 years old but would...
  4. Oxforddevil

    Additional Player

    I'd like to see a player similar to mychan return, has some decent points in his last season in the echl whilst getting 142 pm on the season
  5. Oxforddevil

    Giants to announce new signing

    Why what did he do before left the Giants, I liked him as a player when ever I saw him play against us and from other teams highlights that I viewed.
  6. Oxforddevil

    Quick question about fans\players

    Not really,they may do the odd fundraiser but it’s like our football here, you don’t see Harry Kane bowling with some of the Spurs supporters club, sad really but that’s how it is,how ever year ago I watched the Canucks at an open training session where the players did hang around afterwards for...
  7. Oxforddevil

    Stream for tonight’s game

    Hi everyone, now living in Madrid and have no chance of watching tonight’s match,does anyone know of a good website to stream the game?Thanks
  8. Oxforddevil


    Anyone know what he’s crying about now on Twitter?
  9. Oxforddevil

    When Did You Start Watching?

    First game was Devils v London Racers in the old rink,hell of an experience and was straight back the following weekend and attended for many years, sadly due to my work i’ve Only managed a handful of game over the past 2 years but use icetime tv a lot.
  10. Oxforddevil

    Charge for being a mascot?

    They were both full time professional football clubs yes,I just thought that it was a chance for children to meet their favourite teams players and to have that little bit of a more up close match day experience, and for what is quite a lot of money to have that, maybe it’s just me but I feel it...
  11. Oxforddevil

    Charge for being a mascot?

    Didn’t know this was a thing!This is going back a couple of years now but i’ve been a mascot for two different football clubs (Both local teams) and definitely know my parents weren’t charged at the time, you just had to be a member of supporters club and then join the list and wait to be...
  12. Oxforddevil


    Ok,frustrating thing is that I finish at 6,so if it was a 5pm fo i could of got away with finishing an hour earlier, and wouldn't have been an issue! Speaking of that, why is face off at 4pm!Sorry if I'm behind on the info but like I said I'm a chef so normally read info or updates a couple of...
  13. Oxforddevil


    With ice time tv charging more to stream the final live, will there be highlights after it as I'm a chef and can't make the faceoff of 4pm to watch it online! Let's go devils and drop kerney for this one I'd say,play the team that got us to the final!
  14. Oxforddevil

    Coventry Blaze v Cardiff Devils - Mon 26 Dec 2016 - FO 6pm - Chat/Updates

    Big win and team performance needed today..really hope Lord mixes up the lines tonight with moving Brine and Patty up and maybe bring some guys down to show them that the top 6 place as a F isn't guaranteed!Blaze of late have improved and gained more speed so we really need to be physical with...
  15. Oxforddevil

    Paul Thompson is Frustrated

    Quite simple really,follow the lines of rugby!Give the ref a microphone pinned to his chest,how embarrassing will it be for the player then to be heard bashing/slating a call using foul language!Yes,games aren't shown on live tv but anything caught can then be given to elite league board and the...
  16. Oxforddevil

    Ben Davies

    Im saying Manchester,Harding out with broken ankle,could provide a bit of depth,secondary scoring for them if he turns up with his A game!
  17. Oxforddevil

    Kelman comments on Hendrix

    Watching the live stream,Todd briefly spoke about that situation saying how Lord treated Hendrix like gold for two seasons and because he didn't get offered a new contract and felt he was treated unfairly that the move to fight Lordo in the first shift was highly unclassy move by him! Knew this...
  18. Oxforddevil

    Interview with big Patrick

    Does anyone know when Ice time tv will put up a interview with the big Patrick?
  19. Oxforddevil

    2016/2017 Rumours & Offseason Random Shenanigans

    i think we are panicking a bit about toughness throughout the team,plenty of players who can throw some good hits and get in on the forecheck,not every team is built like the Giants are,we have the pace and skill to beat a team like that!i know for sure I'd rather see there tough guy in the box...