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    Clan Vs Devils 20 Mar 19 - League

    Well Rich what can I say. Happy Birthday. Storm beat Belfast 5-2. !!!
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    Devils Vs Clan - 17 Mar 19 - League

    I believe the reason is that his wife just had a baby! However, it's his wife that had the baby, not him , so get him back on the ice I say !! (I jest)
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    MK dropping out of elite league

    Nice to see Leeds in the mix.
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    There are so many possible combinations. If Cardiff , Sheffield or Nottingham are in the final either singly or with some other team in my opinion our Arena will be full.
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    I think what pjj365 said regarding Todd's comments is correct. It could be that we were the only one to bid! (that is speculation)
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 07 Mar 19 - League

    Well done boys. Any sort of win will do just fine.
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    How many times have we been here ? As long as we do not at this stage discuss and compare the merits ,or otherwise, of individual players.
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 3 Mar 19 - League

    Hard to believe that Sheffield team beat Giants the night before! We had a few near misses in the first and took off the heat in the third. Could have been 10-0. Bownsy was a gem. Our fourth line was very conspicuous and effective.
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    4pm F/off ...

    I am quite happy with a few Sunday 4pm games
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    When Glasgow beat Giants 5-0 most of their shots at the hot Giants goalie came from behind!!
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    Everyone had a great game -- incl Josh. We were unlucky not to get the two points. In fact we deserved the two points. The difference was their goal tender . He was amazing tonight.
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    Peter333 started all this crap - time it ended. He makes himself look an ass, probably embarrasses fellow fans, and does no favours whatsoever to his club.
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    Belfast in CHL

    Oops , meant to be with the above I think they did say they would not take up CHL. Looks like they have changed their mind.
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    Flames Vs Devils - 10 Feb 19 - League

    Beware of new members from Belfast!
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    Hey mods. Do us a favour and delete this Giants clown!
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    Giants loose 3-2 in o/t at Nottingham
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    Not a good time to ask questions of that nature. In fact no time is a good time.
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    Off Ice Officials- what do we do

    I think it was Owen - ' and Johnny Lawless two minutes for having a slash'!
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    Storm Vs Devils - 2 Feb 2019 - League

    I think Hedd Wyn was thinking dimensions rather than capacity?