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    Steelers Vs Devils - 16 Mar 19 - League

    We can afford to lose one in O/T, this team is more than capable of doing that. We lost to a team that took Belfast to the cleaners only a few weeks ago.
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    Steelers Vs Devils - 16 Mar 19 - League

    Never take any opposition too lightly as things have a habit of biting you in the arse. Lightning have given us some shocks (no pun intended) this season and I'm absolutely sure Steelers have the ability to take us to the cleaners as well. We are the best team in the league but still need to...
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    Blaze Vs Devils 2 Mar 19 - League

    They nearly always give us a good close game, little apprehensive about tonight.
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    Devils Vs Clan - 27 Feb 19 - League

    We need to do ourselves a favour first and defeat Clan who are going well atm, then we can worry about Giants, no good Fife doing the business if we don't win our own game.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    Thanks for the info ..good news then.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    Just a little query? ..If we come runners up (hopefully not) do we kiss goodbye to the CHL or could there be redemption at the play offs ? Giants could we'll do the treble themselves this season so just wondered about it. Great games over the weekend by the way, really enjoyed our stay in Belfast.
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    Games tonight (20/02).

    This is why we should enjoy the moment, the last 3 seasons we've enjoyed enormous success so let's savour these special times because who knows if and when the tide will turn, Steelers and Panthers are far too big to be hovering around mediocrity.
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    Best of the best ......

    Forward...Hilton Ruggles. Defence... Craig Weller. Netminder...Steve Lyle. Too much choice but as favourites these are mine.
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Soft underbelly, how many debates have we had on here about skill/speed/physicality? we have the first 2 but imo we're lacking in the 3rd..always room for a no nonsense tough nut imo..Ulmer total respect to you taking on a fight you knew you would lose.
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Agree, where's the sense of watching your teammates backs? we've had players in the past who would've stepped straight in, if the ref doesn't take action the players should do the right thing and step up to the mark..we have a soft underbelly.
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Yes he could have and should have imo.
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Ulmer's not a fighter, he shouldn't have to be the one to step up to the mark, respect to him though for doing so.
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    12 tickets per person is crazy imo, my daughter, partner and myself are all s/t holders but why would we need 36 tickets between us? 4 max p/p is ample surely? I haven't got a problem with the idea of selling tickets in this fashion as most people living a distance away would probably know...
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    Steelers Vs Devils - 23 Jan 19

    Tough game imo, everyone wants to defeat the top dogs (and at this moment we are), should never underestimate any opposition as a win against us would be a platform to push on and get a bit of momentum going, o/t win for Devil's.
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    Terrible news today!

    Totally agree, tragic news that a young man loses his life like this, RIP young man.
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    Belfast away tickets.

    All sorted mate, tickets safely tucked away.
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    Belfast away tickets.

    Got 4 tickets care of Ger-Devils, anyone know where to pick them up to? saw him last night but he didn't have my tickets ready, said pick them up this afternoon before game or during breaks, can't see him anywhere.
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    Steelers sack 3

    Sometimes wonder when teams unload players like in this instance, does it put off potential signings joining that organisation considering the turnover of players at the Steelers this season? We at the Devil's don't get this scenario very often and we're reaping the benefits now.
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 13 Jan - League

    Never underestimate any opponent, they may be going through a tough time atm but sometimes a wounded animal can be dangerous. They're playing the current twice champions and the current league leaders so what more motivation do they need to raise their game? If they bring their A game and we get...
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    Clan Vs Devils - 12 Jan 19 - League

    Great road win, just need to do the business tomorrow now.