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    Only 7 games to go

    The team need to focus on two things only - concentrate on one game at a time, and concentrate for the full term of each game. It's in their hands.

    4pm F/off ...

    And those 'old timers' and 'geriatric' fans that some people were talking about are STILL around and paying, faithfully, a lot of money on season tickets, programmes, 50/50, merchandise etc but the 4pm faceoff is not workable for them. Add to that several 100 people who could not see the game...

    Devils Vs Clan - 27 Feb 19 - League

    Everything is about momentum and confidence now. Devils should not have to be relying on other teams to 'do us a favour'. If the Devils are good enough, their destiny is in their hands. They know that.

    Import Netminders or Additional Skaters?

    Think this discussion is irrelevant. Whichever option an EIHL team decide upon (either Brit goalies and extra import skater , or the other option), both those players have to be effective and productive to make it work.

    Steelers Vs Devils - 23 Jan 19

    You can bet the Steelers will turn up for this one. Forget 'getting one over the league leaders'....this is do or die time for them to fight and secure a playoff berth. Every game now is crucial for them. They are on the upturn lately and that will motivate them, especially as the game is at...

    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    Forever, we hope.

    Steelers sack 3

    It's going to be rapid recruitment and tactics change to secure a playoff berth. Far too late for a league challenge this year.

    Panthers Gas

    Think it was obvious he had lost the locker room - the body language and zero communication on the Panthers bench during last weekend's game showed that. Strachan is usually an animated motivator during games - maybe he can get them going.


    Would imagine some of the British players are as flumuxed about the omission of Josh as the fans are. Struggling to see which 'experienced players' Russell has omitted from this latest squad. One or two selections in there are not even playing well for their Club teams.......
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    Charles Linglet

    He is possibly the forward with the highest hockey I.Q. and skill to play for the Devils in recent years.
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    Devils sign James Livingston

    Depth is everything with injuries and a hectic schedule. Add to that a player who is versatile and flexible - happy days. Welcome to Cardiff, James.
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    Devils Vs Clan - 14 Dec 18 - CC 1/4 Final

    Congratulations to the Clan - playing intense, gritty hockey with a will and determination to win. Our guys were second to everything. Its not even a Jekyll and Hyde performance anymore - it's the same type of performance in every game lately, and they dont appear to learn lessons from previous...
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    Well done devils,

    To win it once is an honour, to win this award twice is outstanding. A fantastic achievement.
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    Well done devils,

    Read the other thread - he has not been gassed.
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    Blaze Gas

    Ainsworth and Lake together were some partnership. Can understand the Blaze releasing Wiikman - injury prone and inconsistant. Kopriva, however, was outstanding and will strengthen their team. Hope he brings his translator too!
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    Faryna Leaves

    Once in while, a player comes along who has a special connection with the fanbase (like Joey Martin) - Justin was one of those players. A heart and soul, absolute true Cardiff Devil playing in the same mould as Andrew Lord. He will be missed terribly but his reasons for going are private and...
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    Faryna Leaves

    As always, a classy post from Steve.
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    Devils Vs Flames - 5 Dec 18 - League

    The Captaincy to Joey or Matthew rears its head every now and again and rightly so. Even though we may want it, we all know it wont happen and why it wont happen. If you want a great illustration of on-ice leadership, look no further than Blair Riley at the Giants. Yes, they lost last night...
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    There was talk on NHL fan forums that they might be called The Seattle Metropolitans or Seattle Metros
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    Panthers lose

    Many of their fans were critical of him, so doubt he will be missed.