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    CHL and flags

    Would definitley be up for supporting this, great idea. I think it would depend on where we go as to what we get. A terraced away section like Davos or Bern would be great for a huge banner, but not so much for somewhere like Liberec. Maybe something like smaller flags or scarves would work for...
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 07 Mar 19 - League

    Get in. That's a very important 2 points.
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    Devils Vs MKL / MKL Vs Devils - 16 & 17 Feb 19 - League

    Benti suspended for 2 games. Correct call I'm afraid.
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    Lightning lose...

    Lannon has signed for a club in the Finnish Liiga, so a no brainer for him. I don't know a lot about the MK owners, but I'm not entirely sure they are competent enough to run a club at this level.
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    Steelers in search for New Coach for next season.

    If I was them I would offer the job to Mark Matheson. We've seen time and time again big names coming in to the league and failing. Whether its a failure to adapt to British hockey I'm not sure, but we've seen it 3 times just this season. The guy Nottingham had, the guy MK had, and Barasso all...
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    Devils Vs Blaze - 09 Feb 19 - League

    I'd be interested to know too. I automatically assumed it was their own decision to step away, but I'm now not sure this is the case. If it's not, it's a bad decision as Aled was a great at play by play, and I thought John was superb at summarising and at interviews. Although I think Gareth is...
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    Best of the best ......

    Cesky Gipters Blais
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    The Devils put in a review for the hit on Mosey last week, but nothing came of it and it was decided that the on ice call was sufficient. So I would expect us to put in a review for this one too, if it isnt automatically reviewed due to the injury. I should bloody hope so anyway.
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    Steelers sack 3

    Rumours are he's already looking for a way out.
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    CHL next season

    If they win the Conti Cup and decline the CHL, I would think that their spot would go to the Conti Cup runners up rather than a second UK spot. If they win the league and decline, then hopefully it will go to second place as that would almost certainly be us. But could also go to Challenge Cup...
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    Just heard a rumour .......

    Don't see any need for having him now. Our defence is doing just fine, and we have Mosey to cover if there's an injury.
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    Like a library

    I don't seem to remember writing 'everyone who is noisy will be forced to stand by the drummers.'
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    Like a library

    The obvious thing to do is have a standing block with the drummers, and try and get the noisy fans all in there. The question is where in the rink this would be possible. But we saw with visiting CHL fans how just one standing block can completely change the atmosphere in the building.
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    A Bit of Perspective

    That picture is from a few months ago when Steve was in Toronto. Why has it re surfaced again? Neither will be back.
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    Storm Vs Devils - 15 Dec 18 - League

    Giants lose, Sheffield shut out on teddy toss night, 2 points behind with 2 games in hand. What a difference 24 hours makes, and how many times have we said that already this season. The way some people talk, this season is already finished. A few wins and we'll be league leaders. Says it all.
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    How many players have played under the current ownership

    I think he liked himself quite a lot too..
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    Faryna Leaves This guy now without a club.
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    Francis Verreault-Paul

    Milan in some serious money problems, and getting rid of their highest paid players. Don't think they have anyone who would interest us at this time however.
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    Faryna Leaves

    A reminder that 3 players leaving a team in a season is not out of the ordinary at all for this league. In fact I would say it's normal. We have just been extremely lucky that no one has left us in 4 years. Every other team have to deal with this every year. Just because players leave...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 11 Nov 18 - League

    Im sure it wont surprise you that the guy who tweeted that is rabbitohs04 on here.