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  1. Temme

    Big Game Layne

    Doesn't work for me either.
  2. Temme

    MK dropping out of elite league

    My attitude has been called short sighted before, however in a way what Gazza has said: the top league in ANY country is NOT A DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE. Hopefully the new EPL (NIHL) can have a similar U23 (U20 even) rule that develops young players by forcing teams to carry a certain amount on their...
  3. Temme

    Steelers Vs Devils - 16 Mar 19 - League

    One thing i will say, it's good for the league/neutral perspective to see another team putting together a roster as strong/stronger than ours. Last year we finished some 10 points clear & the year before 7 points ahead. This year looks like it will by fractions.
  4. Temme

    MK dropping out of elite league 7th Feb 2019 - "The club statement has now emphasised that the team will remain in the Elite League next season and are already in the process of planning for the 2019/20 season. " The same month...
  5. Temme

    Team GB Squad

    Remember the year Rob Dowd and Chris Blight had an epic twitter spat about Blight not being British and how Dowd thought it was wrong what he was doing... and then he signed in Sheffield!
  6. Temme


    Duggan has been an exceptional find, he's got the size but needs to fill out just a little more. He's got the look of the next big thing if Lordo can nurture him over the next 3-4 years and develop him into a legit scoring threat on the top 2 lines.
  7. Temme

    Devils Vs Steelers - 3 Mar 19 - League

    Ulmer picking up the ban wouldn't really have influenced this, even thought Ulmer personally can't ice, we still have a spare import, so would still have needed to scratch an additional guy for those games to still be playing an import short, so Haddad could have sat out this instead, given that...
  8. Temme


    With the over 23 Brit rule, he does not fit into our equation unless something drastic changes. Bowns Murdy Batch Myers Richie Are our 5 Over 23 Brits, this year was Moore's last year as an U23. The only other option here would be to swap Murdy out for Lawday, which would open up an...
  9. Temme

    Devils Vs Clan - 27 Feb 19 - League

    Agreed, he really is an up-down roster guy, he fits in wherever he is needed and has the talent and know-how to do so. A very very good lateish season signing.
  10. Temme

    Devils Vs Clan - 27 Feb 19 - League

    very clean, clinical performance last night. Didn't look stretched at any point. Scoring throughout the line-up which is brilliant. It may be the first time i can remember that a team has scored 5 goals, totalling 13 points, with NO multi point scorers. Goals: Fournier Reddick Batch Martin...
  11. Temme

    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    There's a post about him (with him rather) on the EIHL banter group on Facebook. Rumoured to have traveled over with the owners, but no concrete proof of that & nothing from the Owners to say that was the case :)
  12. Temme

    NHL Night this Sunday vs Sheffield

    Devils have announced this Sunday will be NHL appreciation night: a really cool idea :) My initial though was poor timing (2 days after St. David's day...), but don't want to be 'that guy' to whine. I'm now torn as to which jersey...
  13. Temme

    Season tickets

    I've not particularly enjoyed many games this year like i did previous years, that's not to say ALL games by any means, but given where we are in the standings I guess we can't complain; i'd pay double to watch Belfast every week and the type of team Keefe has recruited to similar success (this...
  14. Temme


    Doesn't wipe the floor with him. However roughly equal on punches thrown Batch with bigger punches Keefe left bloodied Keefe needing stitches ... not that outcome of fights matters that much, but just wanted to make it clear that "was a draw at best" is so far-fetched it's in Narnia.
  15. Temme

    Devils Vs steelers - 03 Feb 19 - League

    Yeah i knew this one Kip, one question though which you haven't got to answer - are you employed/paid by the EIHL or Devils? (I think it's EIHL??) Only reason i ask a personal question like that is because if you are employed by the EIHL then it is strange that you guys as off-ice officials...
  16. Temme

    Hunter Bishop retires

    I initially thought this - they are a brand new team though with literally nothing, I guess he needs to hire staff, recruit players etc? Again only a guess though.
  17. Temme

    +/- Stats

    The clubs to my knowledge have tracked +/- for the last few years (maybe always?) just for their own records, it would be interesting to see how Fournier this year compares to #1 D men of past.
  18. Temme

    Crowder Brothers

    Just to make sure you know Terry, their season runs completely different to ours as James has said, they play their hockey season during our off season, so they aren't leaving their current teams :)
  19. Temme

    Devils Vs steelers - 03 Feb 19 - League

    I had a chat with Darnell on twitter about this yesterday as i understand how the challenge would work & if Sheffield scored in that time their goal wouldn't count. Interestingly - you could see clear as day the guys in the time keepers box agree it was a goal about 10-15 seconds after and they...
  20. Temme

    POFW tickets (here we go again)

    There are still tickets available in the Devils blocks, in groups of 2,3 or 4. :)