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    Devils Vs MKL / MKL Vs Devils - 16 & 17 Feb 19 - League

    We dont just have Belfast to worry about Glasgow are still in the mix and we have to play them 3 times yet
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    Devils Vs MKL / MKL Vs Devils - 16 & 17 Feb 19 - League

    Clan are having fun tonight 5-0 in the 3rd period. Fitzy having an early bath
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    Challenge Cup semi, second leg.

    I had better buy my ticket sounds like a good event
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    Belfast in CHL

    This could be a political decision by the owners. I suspect the previous comments were made by the hockey people. Depending how cynical you are the comments re Dwyer could be Thornton and Keefe setting out the players they would need to compete in the CHL meaning a bigger budget . I think...
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    Best of the best ......

    I may be wrong but the last time i remember Dougie playing D was for GB. Chris McSorley persuaded him and he did pretty well.
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    Best of the best ......

    Dougie was a forward for the Devils but he was actually a D man mate.
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    Hunter Bishop retires

    Reading the Giants website i thought maybe he was encouraged to leave(offered a new challenge as modern managers say) Wanted his pay packet for someone better.
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    Crowder Brothers

    I can detect a rush of sympathy for these clubs who may be left shorthanded. Has anyone told them about the heat,floods and assorted deadly snakes,spiders etc they may be sharing their accomodation with.
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    Ulmer banned

    Well we could get some deja vu on Sunday. Our old friend Armstrong will be back no doubt to do his trademark run at Bowns. He has got away with it twice with no punishment
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    Ulmer banned

    Now on the EIHL website
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    Ulmer banned

    Where is this reported ?
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    How do you know this or do you think this topic is funny?
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    When was the review put in there is no record of it? If my memory is correct today is Tuesday the second working day after the incident, So you are saying they have submitted an official request and it has been considered and rejected in 2 days?
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    If my memory is correct the Devils have not asked for a review for a very long time.Was it the Marsh suspension for the "major " injury to Moran.As soon as Marsh had his career ruined Moran made a miraculous recovery. I doubt we will ask for a review or comment.There may be concern about Ulmer...
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    Wembley was a good experience but i am sure that the MEN was better.Great location for transport,food,hotels and fairly central for all clubs. With the increase in numbers interested in attending the POFW should not the EIHL explore if this is a possibility or another arena with the capacity...
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    When was the last time the Devils asked for a review.?
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    I am against employing thugs for the sake of it.Those days are over sports people are much wiser now. Unfortunately as much as i admire the Devils aim to play for CHL hockey other clubs dont agree. The penny must drop surely after the sacking of Corey Neilsen and reported comments that Belfast...
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    Steelers Vs Devils - 23 Jan 19

    I see Armstrong is up to his tricks again. How long before he seriously injures a netminder?
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    DEL Coaches

    Just a quick look at our old friends. Corey Neilsen's team is 2nd in the table in DEL2. I believe they were bottom when he joined them. Thommos's lads are the strongest holding up DEL 1 no change from when he joined them.
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 13 Jan - League

    Judging by the quality of the ice after 2nd break i suspect the Zamboni driver may have been management