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  1. d20

    Challenge Cup semi, second leg.

    hopefully it'll be a good crowd and a good final
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    Challenge Cup semi, second leg.

    Dont think it will be a big crowd for the final ,Giants didnt really bring many last year and cant see it being much different this year ,think the Flames should seeing as its only a few hours down the road and their first final,maybe they shouldnt announce it live on tv so that most of those...
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    Devils Imports who married local lasses

    Frank Evans did,back in canada now
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    Best of the best ......

    forward - doug mcewen defence - stephen cooper goalie - derek herlofsky
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 27 Jan 19 - League (POSTPONED)

    Bit of a blow this as this would've been 3 games for the flyers after their doube header in Belfast so tiredness wouldve come into this which we could've exposed and take 2 points .
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    To those fans moaning about tickets YOU WILL GET SOME if you want them Ive struggled before now but even if it's in another block you'll get tickets we have a block next to us with MK fans who didn't take many last year Devils will fill half of those empty seats ,the other side is...
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    POFW tickets - improvements for next time

    The reason for the playlist repeating was some of the figure skaters were practicing their show dances for the British Championships they have on Monday so did numerous plays (my niece is one ) the music is played for that skater .
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    I think the 12 tickets is a bit much and like someone said with all the game crew people aroud they will all have tickets I'm sure people will miss out on Sunday I can get there but don't bank on being lucky BUT don't forget Sheffield are next to us if they don't make it that block will fill...
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    Yes......we go every year last year i was on the phone at 9am ( I couldnt get online) as soon as they were open i got through at 10.45 to be told there were none left in the devils block we had to buy in the MK block and others in the guildford,fife,and clan blocks. We have had fans moaning...
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    Any good sites for travel to Canada

    kev, BA have a sale on through jan till 31st ,always good deals on flights hotels etc so Id look on there
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    Terrible news today!

    Tragic news and the loss of two lives but also how this lads life has been changed on just one decision so so tragic.
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    Same here great hotel used it the last few years
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    Devils Vs Blaze Christmas Spectacular - 26 + 27 Dec 18 - League

    That's 3 games now and no word of why no murdy ,wonder what the reason is ?
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    Devils Vs Blaze Christmas Spectacular - 26 + 27 Dec 18 - League

    We can still win this league no doubt about it but the complacency has to stop and we concede too many goals which we didn't last year ,conceded 4 or 5 a game makes it harder to win games having to score 6 or more goals ,the Belfast games are gonna be massive from now on .
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    Devils Vs Blaze Christmas Spectacular - 26 + 27 Dec 18 - League

    Poor result ,with our team we should be getting 2 points here ,can't guarantee any win but for us to want to win the league again we need to be winning these games especially as Giants didn't play ,let's hope we get 2 points tomorrow,this team needs to get on a run we are far to complacent.
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    Worst mascot in the league ,aside from fist pumping with the kids which is great Taz doesn't doing anything during the game to get the crowd going which is what a mascot is for ,don't see the point of having him/her
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    Joey Martin leaving .....

    someone needs attention...pathetic post
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    very dont let an equipment guy go without replacing him no mention unless they have
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    Can anyone stop Belfast?

    point behind game in hand !