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  1. Kevlar68

    Steelers in search for New Coach for next season.

    Is this the application forum? My C.V. I have seen the film full monty which was set in sheffield. I know knives and forks have been made in Sheffield. I have owned knives and forks with Sheffield stamped on them. I visited the Sheffield arena in 1998 to watch the devils. I can paint logos into...
  2. Kevlar68

    Flames Vs Devils - 10 Feb 19 - League

    The thing that I find slightly concerning is that the team must have known Belfast had dropped a point so how much incentive do you need to go out and give it your all to gain that win.
  3. Kevlar68

    Next season away games

    Good to get both sides of it. And the reason for the thought was when I run Gretzkys at WNIR we were open Fri, Sat and Sun night for public skating sessions even if no game so I wasn't sure if Viola bar was the same.
  4. Kevlar68

    Next season away games

    For me it's circumstances as I could make it every other weekend. Live in Swansea but in Cardiff every weekend and 8 miles away from arena but for a Saturday night out starting at arena watching an away game then move on to the bay i would do that and that's getting to arena by public transport...
  5. Kevlar68

    Next season away games

    Everyone's circumstances are different i suppose.
  6. Kevlar68

    Next season away games

    I know sky and BT sport expensive so didn't know if webcast worked the same. Wasn't sure if bar was open anyway due to public skating so bar staff would be there. I get the webcast but I would go to some for a bit of atmosphere.
  7. Kevlar68

    Next season away games

    Just a thought but would it be worth showing away games with webcasts in the viola bar? Would there be enough interest? It's revenue for the bar and would be a good day on a 6 nations double header. Many don't use the webcasts but may want to watch away games.
  8. Kevlar68

    Washing a signed jersey

    If permanent market it shouldn't run but will fade. I had a signed footy jersey which I washed twice and then could hardly see signature so now I get 2 tops, one to wear, one to sign that way never lose the signatures or need it washed.
  9. Kevlar68

    Off Ice Officials- what do we do

    There is so much that goes on behind the scenes on a games night and those officials do a amazing job with everything that has to be watched and coordinated. They're a credit to the devils organization
  10. Kevlar68

    GB vs Dinamo Riga

    I didn't even know they were playing, that's how little exposure this team and this sport gets.
  11. Kevlar68

    GB vs Dinamo Riga

    Thanks for the updates.
  12. Kevlar68

    Player Abuse

    The tweet itself as i read it is about "Chicken". Matt says he likes "Slim Chickens" a new franchise in St. Davids centre, an innocent tweet i think you would agree. Mr. Campbell refers to Matt as being a Slim Chicken, that i would say is a personal attack. Matt replies to Mr.Campbell that he...
  13. Kevlar68

    FA Cup Style British Hockey Cup?

    I like the idea of David against Goliath and the upset that it could cause and revenue for smaller teams but the game schedule at the moment is pretty packed and that's without postponed games. Also with so much importance on winning the league and Play offs for European entry would you want to...
  14. Kevlar68

    POFW tickets (here we go again)

    Had a look and tickets were still available but going to wait till after quarter finals as 4 teams will be out and tickets will be back out there after that.
  15. Kevlar68

    If the season ended today...

    If it ended today i'd be mighty bored until i go back to Greece end of April and mighty cheesed off as got tickets for home games, hotel and tickets for Sheffield away in March and hotel booked for Nottingham in April. :p
  16. Kevlar68

    Player Abuse

    I agree but even kids rugby on a Sunday morning you get it from parents and I've seen it, screaming at their own kids and others.
  17. Kevlar68

    Player Abuse

    Its allot easier now with the internet and social media to voice your disgust where as before the abuse was aimed at the player as they played. Its nothing new though and it happens in every sport, instead of being a anonymous voice in a crowd of people at a game its now a anonymous person...
  18. Kevlar68

    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Very scrappy game, didn't flow well. Camera work was bad and why is it positioned were it is and not on half way line? And watching the slow motion of risslings hit he was leaning in to the hit with knees bent extending his legs straight to add more force to the hit so I think it looks like a...
  19. Kevlar68

    POFW tickets - improvements for next time

    Only thing needed i would say is much more advance notice and ticket bookings via phone or website only. Having people queue out in the cold for hours seems prehistoric with the way technology is these days.
  20. Kevlar68

    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    Dear Milky, are there only season ticket holders allowed to be in your mathematic equation? If that's the case you say "over 1000 season ticket holders" the capacity it says is 3088 which in rough working out means there are more game ticket purchasers than season ticket holders. Do only season...