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    Devils Vs MKL / MKL Vs Devils - 16 & 17 Feb 19 - League

    #10 wound me up all night - glad the officials called it right and threw him out. Presume DOPS won’t look at him for tomorrow for head butting as handled tonight? Win not good for the blood pressure! Newbies I brought loved it though. I maybe being grumpy but whilst I do appreciate the...
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    Lightning lose...

    ...D man Ryan Lannon. Appears to have just upped and left - Lightning being “aware” he’s left the club. Leaves Lightning with 11 forwards and 4 D men.
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    Hopefully not another Capitals situation!

    This was released by Lightning themselves as a press release last week/previously - so no issue with the Star publishing it. Lightning fans seemed to be ok with it - aiming for long term stability rather than throwing good money after bad this season.
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    Hopefully not another Capitals situation!

    “I am aware of an ongoing legal issue involving a club in the EIHL. Out of respect to those involved, the legal process, and the EIHL as a whole I will not be making any comment at this time.” Easy
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    Belfast in CHL

    Weren’t the Giants going to refuse any invite if they won?
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    Flyers vs Storm brawl

    Did you see the Flyers guy being pounded on whilst being held from behind? Video on Twitter
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    Start trying to wind people up and they’ll take shots back. Rather than engage in pre-pubescent to-and-fro let’s focus on the hockey - the run in is going to be intense and it will be the team who is mentally tougher that will prevail. Or we can start posting about each other’s players and...
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    Pride Auction

    Are we thinking St David’s jerseys again this year?
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    Next season away games

    Personally as I’m not going to Belfast I’d pay a modest entry fee and buy a few drinks to watch the webcast at the arena with Devils fans - would need to be a fair few for the atmosphere. Put it on mute and plug the icetime guys instead of that ear-drum-bleeding-Giants-fan with the mic...
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    Next season away games

    Would be an interesting thing for the Fan Council to bring up, could see if it would be financially viable. Transport links to the arena are decent for locals - who knows there may be a few people who don’t get the webcast normally but would be up for watching with other Devils.
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    Pride Auction

    How did it go? Did I miss a mention on all profits going to charity or 50/50?
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    Devils Vs steelers - 03 Feb 19 - League

    There were a couple moments tonight when I thought “nice work there from...” thinking it was Martin from the stickhandling, but was Duggan. Would love him to be a Devil for years to come. Improvement since signing has been great in just a few months.
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    Belfast mean business

    Anybody know if Dwyer is injured after the Blaze match?
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    Ulmer banned

    Fair bans for both given the situation. Some people on here and on Twitter clearly have an issue with certain players, whether they are going through a rough patch of form, allegedly not pulling their weight or not stepping up for their line-mates... It’s clear who people are referencing...
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Apart from Bowns we were bang average tonight - sloppy across the ice and didn’t deserve the 2 points. I still believed we would get back into it at the end though. Far too many turnovers, loose passes and rushes presented. Will need a bounce back performance in Fife tomorrow night.
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Too many mistakes thus far for my liking but back in it now - Pope caught Garnett in the aftermath.
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    Panthers Vs Devils - 26 Jan 19 - League

    Commentators will be muted in this house if he carries on... Bowns doing the puck drop... no Mo?
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    Steelers Vs Devils - 23 Jan 19

    Quality of the picture is great - shame no replays (save for the 2nd Steelers goal)
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    Wins, stats, newbies and a wiki

    A wiki is an area where creators can add content on a set topic. Wikipedia being the obvious one. Think of it as a Cardif Devils focussed version of Wikipedia
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    Wins, stats, newbies and a wiki

    Hi all! Huge weekend - long way to go mind you. I look forward to hearing what the RedArmyRoundup guys have to say about that! As a relative newbie I continue to learn about our history and many other nuances about this wonderful sport. I have managed to bring a few people to their first ice...