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  1. Legin


    Has anyone managed to download fixtures to calendar, doesn't seem to be working for me
  2. Legin

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2024/25

    You don't have to sit a brit all 6 can ice, the rule is maximum 15 imports and and a bench of 20 players. That means if we have 1 spare a brit or import must sit out the game
  3. Legin

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2024/25

    Mosey could play as a forward , then cover any injuries on defence, I still think Batch and Richardson will be staying.
  4. Legin

    Signings/Departures Thread - All Teams 2024/25

    Danny Stewart new coach of Nottingham
  5. Legin

    Stars Vs Devils - PO 1/4 Final - 14th April 24 - FO 17:00

    They are flying from Bristol, they had a bus to a Bristol hotel last night to save travel time this morning.
  6. Legin

    £8.50 ????

    Sold out
  7. Legin

    Devils V Giants - League - 31st March 24 - FO 1800

    Don't think it was petulant, I think it was frustration with the lack of consistency with calls. One minute no call for obvious penalties and the next soft calls on things that had not been called earlier.
  8. Legin

    Devils V Giants - League - 31st March 24 - FO 1800

    Unless Belfast drop points and they play Sheffield twice
  9. Legin

    Devils v Steelers - League - 20th Mar 24 - FO 1930

    No it is a 2min penalty, but the two times they asked for review it went thier way. The goal reviewed for the Sheffield no goal was a review by officials not coaches challenge
  10. Legin

    Panthers Vs Devils - League - 2nd March 24 - FO 19:00

    The rule was if a team had power breaks they had to do it for all home games
  11. Legin

    Devils Vs Flames - League - 1st March 24 - FO 19:30

    How did Guilford sign a player last week?
  12. Legin

    GB squad

    Webcast £40 for pass for all games
  13. Legin


    Well won't be in goal this weekend as he's injured. He will be on bench as no other backup available
  14. Legin

    Clan Vs Devils - CC 1/4 Final - 6th Dec 23 - FO 19:30

    I believe they are staying up in Scotland
  15. Legin

    Playoff Weekend Tickets and Block Allocations

    I had confirmation of order but it said tickets would be sent at a later date which is what happened last year
  16. Legin

    Playoff Weekend Tickets and Block Allocations

    Got my tickets, timed me out first time (My fault for not ticking a box) second time no problem)