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  1. James

    Clan Vs Devils - League - 10th Dec 23 - FO 17:00

    Sunday sees a quick return to Braehead for the third game in Scotland this week and the second game against Clan in 8 days. League points on the line this time
  2. James

    Stars Vs Devils - League - 9th Dec 23 - FO 19:00

    Devils continue their Scottish odyssey this Saturday night at Dundee as the brutal schedule rolls on. I've heard tell players would rather play than train so they are getting their wish. Hopefully have a full squad ready to play but injuries could be starting to show. Dops have been quiet at...
  3. James

    Clan Vs Devils - CC 1/4 Final - 6th Dec 23 - FO 19:30

    Hopefully just resting guys on rotation
  4. James

    Clan Vs Devils - CC 1/4 Final - 6th Dec 23 - FO 19:30

    Devils head north for the first game in three in Scotland Wednesday night and its the first leg of the CC quarter final, against the Clan. We've had a good record against them so far this season so hopefully keep up the good results.
  5. James

    Clan v Giants

    Cloutman posted on the dead bird app that it was a clear goal. He’s forgotten more about hockey than most of us know so that’s good enough for me. I bet their laptops are fuming in Belfast.
  6. James

    Stars Vs Devils - League - 29th Nov 23 - FO 19:30

    Who needs a rest anyway. What you really need right now is a midweek top of the table clash in another country. The Devils brutal schedule continues with another midweek game, this one away at Dundee who sit in third place currently only 1 point behind us (albeit with several more games played)...
  7. James

    Devils Vs Flyers - League - 26th Nov 23 - FO 18:00

    In a final return to league action Devils face the Flyers for their second night of the home stand.
  8. James

    Devils Vs Flames - CC - 25th Nov 23 - FO 19:00

    Devils head back to home ice for the first game of a double home weekend. Like Wednesday it's yet another Challenge Cup game so of questionable worth as both teams have qualified, but providing BostonBart22 hasn't jinxed it, we'll be looking to continue our run of form. We can better our current...
  9. James

    Eihl results

    Is it Besko or the D? Unless he's playing through injury I doubt his stats would drop quite so much without other factors. There's still only 6 points between 1st and 9th (with some variance on games played admittedly) They won't be down there long. Keefe is already talking about flexing the IR
  10. James

    Such a shame!

    Not sure if it was BBC or ITV but I was around my fathers the other day and he mentioned there was a good, fairly lengthy segment in the main sports news about the memorial Nottingham game
  11. James

    Blaze Vs Devils - CC - 22nd Nov 23 - FO 19:30

    I hope the Devils have some gass left in the tank as after a gruelling 3 games in 3 days and some international travel they are back in domestic action on Wednesday night. We've already qualified so I guess a W isn't essential but we don't really want it to cost us our seeding for the next...
  12. James

    Devils Vs Nomad Astana - Conti Cup - 17th Nov 23 - FO 16:00 (15:00 UK)

    they should be on youtube yes. I'm hoping a link will appear n the gamecenter above. If not, myself or @Chris will update the thread with a link.
  13. James

    Such a shame!

    I guess that's one way Petr Cech: Ex-Chelsea goalkeeper joins Belfast Giants in loan move
  14. James

    2024 Continental Cup Group E Chat thread

    Details on the tournament can be found here This is a thread to discuss the other games in the group this weekend, or just to advise where's good to eat in Grenoble.
  15. James

    Devils Vs Brûleurs de Loups - Conti Cup - 19th Nov 23 - FO 19:15 (18:15 UK)

    Devils final game of the group is against the host team Brûleurs de Loups, although we are designated the home team of the game. The gamecenter for the match can be found here
  16. James

    Zemgale Jelgava Vs Devils - Conti Cup - 18th Nov 23 - FO 16:00 (15:00 UK)

    Devils face Zemgale Jelgava in their second game of the tournament. The gamecenter can be found here
  17. James

    Devils Vs Nomad Astana - Conti Cup - 17th Nov 23 - FO 16:00 (15:00 UK)

    Devils face Nomad Astana in the first of their three games in three days in Group E of the third round of the Continental Cup. The gamecenter can be found here
  18. James

    Thoughts are with Adam Johnson, Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers

    I locked the thread so I could lay down some rules. Now an arrest has been made, contempt of court becomes a real thing even we have to consider. I'll unlock again shortly but please can we avoid any discussions around Petgrave. A reminder also worth noting here this thread from our own Dr Vic...
  19. James

    Giants Vs Devils - League - 11 Nov 23 - FO 19:00

    Laptops on standby, Devils head across the water to the O, Saturday night. Devils beat the Giants home and away pre-season, but our only league match up last month saw Giants take the points.