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  1. dave

    Signings Thread - All Teams 2022/23

    The hotel he was put up in was cardiff international hotel that was behind the rink, it was owned by the club owners Brent Walker at the time
  2. dave

    Who we want and don’t want back for next season

    There are a couple of teams in the league that track and use that measure amongst others. You see it a lot in football as well the "XG" Figure We were bang on the xg rate on Sunday and just under on Saturday.
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    ST holders £5 discount on merch

    spammer not spanner
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    Devils Vs Stars - League - 1st Apr 22 amesheet for tonight is up...To Note: Sam Duggan listed and Bayley Harewood, Mac Starts... Refs Matt Rose/ Dean Smith Linos Rob Fuller James Ions. Still4 recognised d.
  5. dave

    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 19th March 22

    How many players you have or have not, they all still need to fit within the agreed weekly max spend.
  6. dave

    Steelers sign

    Deadline in Olympic year is always a bit later. I Think it is this tomorrow or Thursday. Belfast announcing a player as well today.
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    Can not answer the Arena 24/7 But there is a defib at games with the medics on site covering games.
  8. dave

    Premier Sports Promo Codes

    does CARDIFF work?
  9. dave

    steelers Vs Devils - League - 20th Feb 22

    Yes JJ worked for Hull and did their highlights and commentary before doing Sheffields. Top bloke.
  10. dave

    Devils Vs Flames - League - 19th Feb 22

    Watson was the 2 plus 2 and should be 24 Yulle who was fighting with Cox the 5..
  11. dave

    Devils Vs Flames - League - 19th Feb 22

    Looks like a gamesheet error. First fight was 42 and second was 24 so not the same player involved..
  12. dave

    Devils Vs Clan - League - 9th Feb 22 Taran gets the start....
  13. dave

    Giants Vs Devils - League - 4th & 5th Feb 22

    Mac starts again tonight and Louis back. Devils by 2..
  14. dave

    Two Ales and Hockey Tales (with Wally)

    Whoever chucks the bounties on, thank you!
  15. dave

    Pride: Presumably I have missed....

    It was announced by the league that details of cardiffs game would be confirmed after restrictions lifted so to have fans in attendance. So hopefully something soon.
  16. dave

    Devils Vs Giants - League - 22nd Jan 22 Mcnally back in line up
  17. dave

    Riley Brandt added as injury cover for Lammon

    More in the style of Derek Campbell or Matt Miller the goalie killer?
  18. dave

    Giants Vs Devils - League - 14th Jan 22

    A coaches challenge has to be the coach and they have to have a time out left available. A ref though can use the review at his own discretion as many times as they want. So and do not shoot the messenger on this!!! The player said he was touched inside crease and that was enough for him to...
  19. dave

    EIHL Last Man Standing - v4 | Current Champion - Pondlife

    Staying with home team to win Sat, so Devils to beat Sheffield.