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  1. dave

    Some new club footage from training

    Nice little sneak view of training..
  2. dave

    IAW Covid rules for games Think it might get a bit lost in the rosters thread. Without the NHS cert this all looks more than reasonable. Some clubs allowing masks off in seats but I guess due to welsh regs only away fans might forget to...
  3. dave

    Mark Louis KO punch

    Ouch!! The guy was a willing combatant and hope he recovers quickly
  4. dave

    Jim Manning Paying Respect Details...Tuesday June 9th

    Posted with permission from Jayne and Gill Jims Funeral is taking place next Tuesday 9th June... Please drop us a dm for details
  5. dave

    First potential hockey to look forward too.

    So the UK All Stars event planned for July has been postponed till 2021 but announced at the same time was an NHS Benefit game. Icetime Tv, Extreme Edges all involved so it's something to look forward to. Date to be confirmed once restrictions over and what restrictions for the arena are known...
  6. dave

    Some weekend fun for a great cause

    Scarlett’s army foot golf with special guest player the goat joey Martin Weather looks good so if you want something fun to do with family or friends footgolf is great fun.
  7. dave

    30th Anniversary Video

    For those who could not make the game... Another greatvideo and so many great memories of 30 years captured..
  8. dave

    cardiff devils flashbacks

    Does anyone know the person behind those videos And if he/she will be at tomorrow's game. Someone wants to say thanks to them in person.
  9. dave

    Charity Pin Badges and a thank you

    Many Thanks to the mods for allowing to post this here. Just come back from playing at the UK All Stars Charity weekend. We have managed to smash targets again including the team representing Prostate Cancer UK raising over 30k as a group. We are looking at around £70k for the weekend. Firstly...
  10. dave

    New Devils Office Contact Number

    New contact number for the Office is: 02920 676666 Nice an easy to remeber that one!
  11. dave

    Devils Hall Of Fame

    Ok Split off from the Players Movement thread. There have been a few discussions over the years about a Cardiff Devils Hall Of Fame. So to start a bit of an off-season debate if there was a Cardiff Devils Hall Of Fame and you had 4 nominations to add this year who would they be and why Split...
  12. dave

    Ball Hockey 2nd team in Cardiff

    From facebook: Anyone interested in taking up Ball Hockey (basically Ice Hockey but without the need to skate)? After successfully launching this sport in South Wales under the Cardiff Devils Ball Hockey, the new team “Cardiff Bay Thunder” is about to launch. Training is on a Monday night at...
  13. dave

    Devils Legend Jeff Smith and Everest

    For those that do not follow Devils Legend Jeff Smith on Twitter Jeff in 70 days is climbing Everest at the good old age of 50! He has been giving permission to hold a bucket collection by the club at an up coming game raising funds for Children's Cancer Trust. He is also planning an abseil...
  14. dave

    Ball Hockey Growing Already If you are at a loose end and want something to do on a Friday night come and have a go!!! It is highly addictive
  15. dave

    Devils Ball Hockey - Thank You

    On behalf of the club we would like to thank The Inferno for being our first sponsor. Your kind gesture has enabled us to purchase training and match balls that were much needed. So thanks once again. Anyone wishing to get involved please email Hubbs and Geraint
  16. dave

    BALL/DEK Hockey New sport

    In Cardiff we have Ice hockey and inline hockey but nothing to cater for hockey Fans that can not skate or afford a whole load of equipment. Until now that is. Dek/Ball hockey is an upcoming sport in the UK with strong base in North East England, Midlands and London. Quite simply is ice...
  17. dave

    Devils Realease Milam

    Terry Phillips ‏@ElTelPhillips Cardiff Devils have released American ice hockey defenceman Jamie Milam with immediate effect. New signing on way - news within a few days. From Twitter IMHO a good move. Any names in frame?? Jeff Mason> Hoffman?
  18. dave

    Next Seasons Shirts

    And onto another annual debate...Shirts Back in CH Sports shirts for upcoming season.. There is a pic on twitter Good News
  19. dave

    Charity Hockey Night..13th July 19.00

    HOCKEYNIGHT Like Newsnight but better! We have seen many a hockey 101 or Q&A, and heard of the infamous nights with Dave Simms but we at UK All Stars wanted to freshen things up and bring something different to the table. Therefore we proudly invite you to The Future Inn, Cardiff Bay on...
  20. dave

    Phil Hill is back ... -his-deal/ All now confirmed