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    27th December - tickets

    I'm sorted now thanks.
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    27th December - tickets

    Looking for a single ticket tonight if anyone has one to sell.
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    Lift to rink for KHL match

    Lift has now been sorted. The Cardiff Devils family is a great one :Pickle
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    Lift to rink for KHL match

    Hi, I'm stuck with my ankle in a cast so can't drive to the rink. Is there anyone who would be able to givr me a lift there and back please? I live in Penylan, and it would be massively appreciated. Thanks
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    IAW arena Steps and the need for Handrails

    Not quite sure why this is an issue, as the steps in BBT were much steeper. You can sit either near the top or the bottom, and avoid stairs if you need to.
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    Devils VS Blaze - SAT 6 FEB 2016 / 7:00PM - Chat

    Does anyone know why the sponsors lounge was emptied by the stewards tonight, and the occupants led out?
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    Latest rink update

    Does anyone know when Voth's jersey will be retired and if he'll be back in town for this?
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    Devils v Panthers - 9th January 2016 - 19:00 - Chat/Updates

    Re: Devils v Panthers - 9th January 2016 - 19:00 - Chat/Upda Loved the anthem, loved the game, loved the noise and loved the new guy, who looks very calm, collected, and really good.
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    This is Cardiff not Sheffield!
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    Devils @ Panthers - 19th December 2015 - Chat / Updates

    Tyson was knocked out, but in a clean fight. Janssen skated off when he had won and didn't carry on. I hope this is done now.
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    Lack Of Physicality

    We are top of the league. What's the problem?
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    Steelers v Capitals tonight

    I think they were so busy preparing for the party for Hewitt, they forgot about the game.
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    Season Tickets

    The only stopping me is the physical process - if there was an on-line renewal facility, it would have been done by now. We will be renewing btw
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    2015/2016 Rumour & Offseason Random Shenanigans

    Football and rugby can be played by anyone, regardless of disposable income; they are supported by the education system. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of ice hockey, where even just learning to skate works out at ~ £5 per session v a run about on a field for free. Until that issue is...
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    Where to stay in Sheffield,

    We've gone for the Premier In opposite the rink.
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    Devils @ Braehead - Saturday Feb 14th - Chat/Updates

    I think some credit should go to Finnerty for doing our team talk for us :Banana
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    Pizza van outside rink on game nights...

    I smuggled one in with my rucksack. Very nice it was too..
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    Come on you Giants

    No Devil left there now - 100% squealer!
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    New Arena

    Regardless of budget, you still need to have the people skills to make a team of a collection of players. The team spirit is really strong this year; support from Kelman will have helped but the majority of the credit must go to Lord for that. Also, when was the last time we won a Boxing Day...
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    Festive Hockey - Devils V Blaze - 2014 Edition

    My son is not coming tonight, so I have a spare seat next to me if anyone wants it rather than stand. It is a child ticket, so you will need to have bought your own, but other than that you are welcome to join me in Block 3. PM me to let me know. I will be leaving at 5, so would need to be...