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  1. d20

    Ticket Vouchers?

    Not interested in a webcast to watch this team and it hardly “free “ when ive already paid over £50 for tickets
  2. d20

    Devils Vs Blaze - League - 22nd Dec 21

    This team is awful only Ben o Connor was sacked is unreal is there a poorer player than DuPont signed as one of our main threats .......laughable
  3. d20

    Game worn Cox, Morissette, Lawday jerseys for sale

    ill take the lawday ,message me mate
  4. d20

    Season Cancelled

    No but other leagues have taken spots as they are ,some teams have got CHL spots on that so thats what shoudl happen.
  5. d20

    Season Cancelled

    CHL places go to the league team for us not challenge cup that only gets a conti spot if the same team wins the play offs
  6. d20

    Season Cancelled

    As league leaders like other leagues we will probably get the CHL spot
  7. d20

    Team GB vs Hungary

    Really !!!...... that mistake was all down to earnhardt losing an easy puck behind the net a simple give away and lack of concentration and he was round on bowns ,Ben would've expected that cleared it was a shocking error and killed the game for us .
  8. d20

    BBT - Rising from the ashes (with a funky new facelift), oh and ..... welcome to Ice Hockey in Leeds !!!!!
  9. d20

    Cardiff bay arena

    ziggo arena in amsterdam with a put down rink
  10. d20

    Cardiff bay arena

    It'll happen as the city needs a big venue for numerous shows,concerts etc .. cant see us going there but you never know but id like an ice plant in there so it could be used as a venue for maybe a play offs weekend these arenas have to be multi purpose so that could happen.
  11. d20

    Youth Olympics and Brent Pope

    No and we wouldnt want him too,further away he is the better .
  12. d20

    Team GB squad

    Connolly !!!!.....guess we'll be shorthanded a few times as he loves the penalty box .little surprised by this one ....would love to see Martin or Haddad in here as they've been here long enough but they may not even wish to play for GB
  13. d20

    Upcoming Visit

    Blimey Steve you best have your fingers crossed for the train being on time on the sunday ,our rail service is poor at the best of times !!!....enjoy your trip , im sure the three of you will be helping the bar turnover !!!!
  14. d20

    EIHL in 5 years

    this rink is to replace the current one in lee valley ,its not meant for elite and wont be big enough
  15. d20

    Belfast sign David Goodwin

    seems as though some of the bigger names should be the ones gone but thats not gonna happen so these two got the boot
  16. d20

    Bristol arena

    Bristol are having there rink in another part of the city
  17. d20

    Devils shirts

    Agree with all this ,so much could be done and should be . We have seen many football and rugby ground using the same place and can switch images around by just taking them off the walls ,why cant we make more images for the bowl put them up on a game day and take them down after if thats what...
  18. d20

    Tom Parisi

    He was a very highly rated guy with people and some of the canadians organisation but when not given his chance when he should've maybe he had a right to be pissed off with them and the game ,the guy is obviously talented as he wouldn't have got that far in the game ,I hope he does well and has...
  19. d20

    Tom Parisi

    Good luck to him,whatever his reasons were he didn't feel right when he came here maybe he needed a break from the game and it also took balls to go to Lordo and tell him once he'd arrived ,good to see him back in the game and best of luck to him.
  20. d20

    Standing Area

    If it was to happen use 15-16 a block and a bit plenty of size for a standing area,and they are barely used .