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  1. BBW

    Lift to rink for KHL match

    Hi, I'm stuck with my ankle in a cast so can't drive to the rink. Is there anyone who would be able to givr me a lift there and back please? I live in Penylan, and it would be massively appreciated. Thanks
  2. BBW

    Give Brent a chance

    I am really enjoying the hockey since Brent stepped in. It is totally different to watch, and there is real oomph on the ice now. Even better, we seem to have grasped the concept of playing all 3 periods, not just the 1st and 3rd, and also of having a Plan B. Twice now I have seen a lousy 1st...
  3. BBW

    Looking to sell - shirt Piggott scored his 1st goal in

    Looking to sell if the right offer is made. This is the SOHB from Luke Piggott, the night he scored his first Elite goal. This is not a normal SOHB as there was a problem with the 2nd set of shirts being delivered, and this is the actual shirt worn during the season to that point. Fight strap...
  4. BBW

    Looking to sell - Voth game worn shirt

    Looking to sell if the right offer is made. This is the sponsored black shirt from Voth's last season, signed by the big man himself on his last night at the BBT. Fight strap and game marks/tears, but in good condition; Rhino shirt. Going on holiday tomorrow night, but will be at match...
  5. BBW

    Devils website - can't read it

    The Devils website shows in a small column on the left hand side of my screen. I have tried to enlarge it to no avail, and can't even scroll from side to side to read it. I have obviously pressed something without realising it, either that or the cat has walked over my keyboard again. Could...
  6. BBW

    Smartphone techie assistance required - MNL

    I have a smartphone, but MNL won't scroll for me. I have downloaded Tapatalk, but it makes no difference. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong please? Thanks
  7. BBW

    Game scoring

    Does anybody know the logic of the scoring system? As it stands, if you are drawn at the end of regulation you get 1 point each; the winner then goes on to earn the normal 2 points for a win. I don't understand why an overtime win / shootout win is rewarded as richly as a regulation win...
  8. BBW

    Man of the Match

    Why do netminders get MOM so much? I don't begrudge Lyle MOM for a standout game, but it is so often now it becoming farcical. There have been other guys out there who have given everything and more, and have earned that as much if not more than Lyle on times.
  9. BBW

    Challenge Cup v Belfast - tickets

    Does anybody know why you can't buy these on line? No events are showing on Ticketable. Is this to do with the current Planet Ice predicament?
  10. BBW

    Junior kit for sale (age 8-9)

    My son no longer plays hockey, so I have a full kit ready to go including body stocking. Not worn for a full season so in good condition. Cost over £300 new. Looking for £150 but will consider reasonable offers.
  11. BBW

    Where is Lucy Fur?

    Where is Lucy? I haven't seen much of her this season.
  12. BBW

    Michael Crisp

    Nice to see Michael on his feet and looking tonight after taking a puck to the face last night. Best black eye I've seen in a very long time.
  13. BBW

    Lucy Fur

    Lucy has been noticeable by her absence the last couple of matches. Anybody know where she is?
  14. BBW

    Jason Stone

    It's Jason's first match tonight. Does anybody know if there is a MNL equivalent for EPL?
  15. BBW

    Miller, Jarvis and Latulippe

    Out of curiosity, does anybody know where these guys went this season?
  16. BBW

    Referee shirts

    Can somebody please explain why some referees have red arm bands, and some (most) of them have orange? Thanks