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    Calgary stampede summit

    I’m very very happy with the announcements personally. Can’t wait for the new season now
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    Jerseys for sale

    Yes it’s still available
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    Mac Carruth’s Helmet

    was £2 a ticket
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    Jerseys for sale

    Price drop to £150 on both
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    Jerseys for sale

    Looking to sell a couple of jerseys I have, A game worn Josh lammon from this season home jersey signed by him, looking for £150 A game worn bentivoligo jersey from Richardson’s testimonial I have both the jersey he wore and one he was meant to wear due to delays in the kit arriving. The jerseys...
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    Game Worn Jerseys

    I’ve got a game worn lammon home and signed if interested
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    Looking for

    I wish I knew that yesterday haha, if that becomes available let me know. Thanks
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    Stick signed by team wanted

    Sent you the link in messages
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    Stick signed by team wanted

    I know there’s one for sale on eBay, I can get you the link if you want to see? It’s not mine btw
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    Looking for

    I’m interested in this any info greatly appreciated
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    Jerseys for Sale

    Messaged about the GB jersey if still available
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    Grey game worn Mac Carruth jersey for sale

    I’m interested if you could send some photos my way please, thank you
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    WANTED Dixon game worn Jersey

    I have pride 2019 jersey of his I may sell
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    Josh lammon game worn this season

    Looking to sell my Josh lammon game worn home jersey from this season, looking for £180 not looking to make a profit on it just looking to move it on, thanks if you need pictures I’m more than happy to post them but I can’t as they are too big to upload at the min
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    Any game worns for sale?

    Looking for £180 mate I payed that so not looking to make a profit
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    Any game worns for sale?

    I’ve got a lammon one I may be looking to move on
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    Devils Vs Stars - CC 1/4 Final 2nd Leg - 19th Jan 22

    This could get messy for Dundee, but boy do I love this attacking display
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    Joey haddad red playoff jersey

    Looking to sell my game issue joey haddad jersey from the cancelled play offs last season looking to get around £215 but will always listen to offers
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    Haddad Jerseys Wanted

    I know it’s not what you are looking for but I have a haddad play off 2020 jersey game issue for the games that got cancelled for Covid if you are interested? In red
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    Match worn Bentivoglio jersey for sale

    Looking to sell my Bentivoglio game worn jersey from mark richardsons testimonial it’s signed by both players mark on the front and Sean on the back. If interested I can get some photos for you. Looking for £175 but am willing to listen to offers