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    Jerseys for sale

    Looking to sell a couple of jerseys I have, A game worn Josh lammon from this season home jersey signed by him, looking for £150 A game worn bentivoligo jersey from Richardson’s testimonial I have both the jersey he wore and one he was meant to wear due to delays in the kit arriving. The jerseys...
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    Josh lammon game worn this season

    Looking to sell my Josh lammon game worn home jersey from this season, looking for £180 not looking to make a profit on it just looking to move it on, thanks if you need pictures I’m more than happy to post them but I can’t as they are too big to upload at the min
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    Joey haddad red playoff jersey

    Looking to sell my game issue joey haddad jersey from the cancelled play offs last season looking to get around £215 but will always listen to offers
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    Match worn Bentivoglio jersey for sale

    Looking to sell my Bentivoglio game worn jersey from mark richardsons testimonial it’s signed by both players mark on the front and Sean on the back. If interested I can get some photos for you. Looking for £175 but am willing to listen to offers
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    COVID pass

    I’m just asking if we need COVID passes for Wednesday?
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    35th anniversary jersey

    If anyone know who has Dixon’s and is willing to part with it I’ll pay good money for it
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    Looking for puck holders

    I’m looking to buy some puck holders or display cases, anyone know of any decent ones from the uk. All I can find are from USA and don’t fancy paying more in shipping than the holders I’m buying are worth. Any help greatly appreciated
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    Framed and signed CHL jersey

    I’m looking to sell my framed and signed CHL home jersey by the whole team from the 2017/18 season. looking for £200 but will listen to offers. Buyer can collect in person or I can deliver for a small fee if it’s easier. Will attach photos when I get home from work
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    Game worn CHL jersey.

    I know I’ve already posted looking for jerseys, just wondering if there are any CHL jerseys game worn or issued?
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    Any game worn red jerseys for sale?

    I’m looking to acquire a joey haddad game worn or possibly a batch game worn. I’m also open to any other game worn as well. Any for sale I’ll look at and possibly buy for the right price. Also wouldn’t mind a red game worn, if any about? Thanks