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    Joey Martin on a One Year Deal to Norway

    Joey has gone to the Stavanger Oilers for this coming season. This does seem to add weight to the idea that we aren’t likely to have anything like a season here. Thankfully, it appears he’ll be back next year, but still a blow.
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    The Pitfalls of Social Media and Forums

    There is a huge societal issue with anonymity, or even lack of proximity when people aren’t anonymous, and a complete lack of consideration for others. This is even worse when it comes to famous people/politicians/sports people, because often feelings run very high. And whilst I’m in no way...
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    Charles Linglet

    Whilst some may accuse me of happy clapping here, I thought it appropriate to open up a discussion about #70, Chucky L. I know it’s sacrilege to say, but as go to player and points producer, the guy is insane. 32 games and 43 points (14+29), with a +/- of +14, he could be pushing the GOAT...
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    Stracks Check to the Head

    I was disappointed to see that Strachan is out for Wednesday. It seemed like a very soft 5+match for me, especially as I didn’t see it as any more severe than Fitzgerald’s earlier penalty which earned him a 2+10. Seemed to be a bit of a sell on the hit from the Steeler. No conspiracy...
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    Nottingham Conspiracy Theories

    First post, long time reader. In an attempt to entertain myself on the bus back from Nottingham I went to read their forum. It’s been regularly the most fun I can find in work since. Anyway, to the point - there is a delightful thread on the Panther’s Lair today about how the league is...