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  1. Gough60

    Continental Cup

    Would our rink be large enough to host it. Don't fancy using NIC. Home ice advantage take away at the start.
  2. Gough60

    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2022/23

    No good. They might be able to retrieve pucks but are useless at working laptops.
  3. Gough60

    Giants Vs Devils - Play-Off Final - 1st May 2022

    Why no highlights yet? Premier Sport have already shown the game on Freesports (Their sister channel) so surely they could now be put on Youtube or on Devils/Giants/EIHL website?
  4. Gough60

    Playoff Weekend

    Thank you.
  5. Gough60

    Playoff Weekend

    My mistake. There was another arena/exhibition venue the city center that I thought was the Nynex. Can't find that it still exists or what it was called.
  6. Gough60

    Playoff Weekend

    No, No, No. MEN Arena, NOT Nynex.
  7. Gough60

    Playoff Weekend

    Also not going to go to games this weekend. Primarily due to the fact I'm abroad. Not a great call for ice hockey coverage in Santorini. Will try and stream Premier.
  8. Gough60

    Playoff Weekend

  9. Gough60

    Playoff Weekend

    Was the MEN Arena, not the Nunez. 1st year I followed Devils. Watched semi final on Sky. Drove up next day.
  10. Gough60

    Panthers ship 10

    Only the Flyers are currently eliminated from playoff's. Mathematically Storm can get through.
  11. Gough60

    Devils Vs Stars - League - 1st Apr 22

    Potential QF opponents, so could put a marker down? Have to play them once more in the run in to the playoff QF's.
  12. Gough60

    Number of days per game in run in.

    Started the season late. No real coherence or consistency from the off.
  13. Gough60

    Bit of a difference

    They also have a secret 4th line, by way of their laptop.
  14. Gough60

    Clan / Flames Game off

    Is it still on? Quick recovery from Tuesday.
  15. Gough60

    Giants Vs Devils - Challenge Cup Final - 16th March 22

    I hope Mac doesn't scare all the kids in the SSE Arena with his leaping into the plexi.
  16. Gough60

    Clan / Flames Game off

    Wouldn't the bans have been announced by now?
  17. Gough60

    Giants Vs Devils - Challenge Cup Final - 16th March 22

    Laptops only banned in the away blocks. Its compulsory in any other block, and only suggested at food & drink outlets.
  18. Gough60

    Rainbows, Brownies and Guides

    At one point they were making more noise with "Lets Go Devils, Lets Go" than Block 13.
  19. Gough60

    Devils are UK's most loved hockey team

    Just a thought, Sponsorship from Sports Direct, Sell ownership back to Paul Regan & give coaching role back to Brent Pope. Now that's a hat trick.
  20. Gough60

    Clan Vs Devils - League - 27th Feb 22

    Clan do fold in last 10 min. Let's hope that continues.