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    Another Cock Up

    If Cardiff were against the calls, why did they choose to charge fans £5 more for tickets. So upsetting for all the fans. We are desperate to go but just can't justify the £800 it will cost!
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    Another Cock Up

    Be interesting to see uptake now it's on TV
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    Another Cock Up

    Still same price with no concessions so still fleecing people. What difference does it make by just buying them day by day.
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    Playoff Weekend

    So both semi finals and final live this year. Will look so sad with half an arena but good for the people who have voted with their feet and decided not to buy!!
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    Ticket spot checks at the arena

    Does this mean checking on people who are using a child ticket to get an adult in more than checking name is same on ticket? Thought you were allowed to sell your ticket to someone else?
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    Playoff Weekend

    Cardiff tickets now up on Motorpoint website so can instantly save yourself £5 per ticket!!
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    Playoff Weekend

    Another question. Bearing in mind the massive price hike, does the Elite League have an insurance in place in case someone tests positive so that the ticket money can be claimed back. I very much doubt it!!
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    Food at the rink: your thoughts?

    I very rarely eat at rink because it's expensive with buying for a few of us. I have said for years thar I tthink a fish and chip outlet would make a fortune if the prices were kept reasonable.
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    Playoff Weekend

    Wow, one wonders if Elite League will realise the errors of their ways sooner rather than later!
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    Playoff Weekend

    Anyone heard anything about how many tickets have been sold? Seems that ourselves and Sheffield didn't sell many either. Waiting for EIHL to update us!
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    Playoff Weekend

    Apparently it is from block 17 to block 2
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    Playoff Weekend

    Nobody seems to be taking any notice though, that's the sad thing
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    Playoff Weekend

    Have put a poll on Twitter to see how people are feeling about attending and copied all the clubs in. See if it makes a difference to decisions on ticket pricing but very much doubt it
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    Playoff Weekend

    £200 price hike from last play offs. I love the play offs but I'm not paying that. With the cost of that plus hotel hikes, it is more than half of my season ticket for next season!!
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    Giants Vs Devils - League - 4th & 5th Feb 22

    Did anyone think that Belfast would do a special offer on the two games for the webcast. I remember they did a few years ago.
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    Six Nations to be played behind closed doors

    What will this mean for Devils? Talking another month away so are we likely to be watching online for that long?
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    Glasgow Clan game on 8.1.22

    Is this another game that is at risk of being cancelled due to Glasgow's game tomorrow being cancelled?
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    Ticket Vouchers?

    Not overly pleased. Webcast never works for us.
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    Winnipeg Jets Russ Romaniuk Jersey

    Have a Russ Romaniuk Winnipeg Jets jersey (not game worn or game issue) Jersey for sale. Russ has signed it but not personalised it. Looking for £125. Anyone interested as a Xmas present?
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    I have 4 tickets available for Saturday. Block 7 row J 1, 2, 3 and 4. Can't get tickets to you...

    I have 4 tickets available for Saturday. Block 7 row J 1, 2, 3 and 4. Can't get tickets to you as we are Covid positive but I can ask club to send paper copies?