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    Six Nations to be played behind closed doors

    What will this mean for Devils? Talking another month away so are we likely to be watching online for that long?
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    Glasgow Clan game on 8.1.22

    Is this another game that is at risk of being cancelled due to Glasgow's game tomorrow being cancelled?
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    Winnipeg Jets Russ Romaniuk Jersey

    Have a Russ Romaniuk Winnipeg Jets jersey (not game worn or game issue) Jersey for sale. Russ has signed it but not personalised it. Looking for £125. Anyone interested as a Xmas present?
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    4 tickets for Steelers game available

    We can't make Saturday's game due to dreaded Covid. Have 2 adult and 2 child tickets available for £40 total. Anyone interested?
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    Adult and child ticket for sale in Block 7 for Storm game

    As per thread details. Anyone interested? £20 for both tickets.
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    Just having a think about the upcoming season. How will CHL fit into date of league potentially starting ie. Will the players fly in some time in September, play the CHL and hang around until season starts, fly back home or will the CHL be delayed as well?
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    Kids Game

    Anyone heard anything about this as supposed to hear today. Don't know if you hear if the answer is no.
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    Pre-season games

    Have people noticed how many empty seats are available on Saturday night. Does anyone think it's because it is expensive for a friendly game?
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    Has anybody left any of the last two home games a few minutes early to avoid car park queues via the side exits?
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    Friendly games

    Just looked at number of tickets sold for tomorrow's game and can see that there are quite a few seats left. I can understand the CHL games selling as a full price ticket but why do the other games have to be sold at full price. Surely more chance of a better attendance if a bit cheaper. We...
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    Anyone else read anything into Hotham's tweet last night about not ruling out damaging the new elite league trophy. Hope I'm wrong in thinking he's going to a different elite league club. I would be devastated.
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    Early face off times

    Loving the idea of just introducing this for a few games to see how it goes. Hopefully will be a success!
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    Who should present trophy tomorrow?

    As in title. Should the chairman of the league do it? I personally think so!
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    Buyback Scheme

    Can someone tell me why the club only pay back £5 if they buy back a ticket . I presume it is then sold on for full cost. This doesn't seem very fair to me.
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    Icetime TV

    Can I stream the webcast through the internet on my smart TV? My IPad has decided to pack up on me before tomorrow's big game.
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    Ticket Sales

    Why oh why aren't the rink staff allows to sell tickets when the office is shut. It is not always possible to get down to rink during office hours and can't justify the online booking fee as it is per ticket.
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    Smart TV's

    Thinking of buying one. Would we be able to watch live streaming of Devils games if we do so.
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    Challenge Cup Banner

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to get this up on Saturday with our owners in town?
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    What happened to the anthem tonight

    Where did that soundtrack come from? Sounds like it needed winding up! ! Would rather sing it ourselves!!!
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    NHL Monopoly Board Game for sale

    Having a tidy up and found an NHL Monopoly game that has never been used. Will sell it for £15. Anyone interested?