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    Confused..2 user names.

    It's telling me it already has this email address and password but keeps logging me in as Hip Check, sending this post from old phone which recognises my status as MWO. Could it be the phone as I logged in with password from MWO but it keeps telling me the password belongs to Hip Check. Stopped...
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    Don't need to fight just use you physical attributes to hit hard, remove players from in front of Bownsy's net and protect team mates when required, Nottingham wore us down last week with big physical players and they will push us all the way this season with the guys they've got.
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    A rarity, John Mirasty another but to be a tough player it's always advantageous to have some height and weight behind you, doesn't make you a better player but more likely to be able to impose yourself more on the game and opponents.
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    I do remember Derwyn Jones the Wales 2nd row, 6'10" and on his arse most of the time. I do think a bit of height and weight is an asset in a defenceman though especially when doing some net clearing.
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    Match night score predictions Devils V Panthers 15/09/2018

    Tough to call so O/T win for Devil's.
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    Devils Parking update

    Definitely a bit ropey parking next to them ATM then, think I'll take the Toys r Us option with the security.
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    Cafe - Grazing Shed

    Haven't eaten a burger for about 10yrs or more, since the mad cow disease outbreak, took the plunge last night after a lot of positive comments written on here, must admit very good product..will buy again.
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    EIHL Predictions ......

    League games not started yet so a bit hit and miss, anyway........ 1Panthers 2Devils 3Giants 4Steelers 5Flames 6Clan 7Flyers 8Blaze 9Storm 10Lightening 11Stars Big ask 3 titles back to back.
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    Game Night Parking

    Thank you.
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    Game Night Parking

    Where exactly is Wilcox house?
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    Dee Dee Could this be the case?
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    Player heights - accurate or not?

    I often wonder about the height thing myself, sometimes it seems like there's an anomaly there with some players height stats, judging this purely on comparing their height to mine like your self, should be measured in bare feet I believe.
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    Belfast double 22/23rd Feb 2019

    Hiya my friend, my daughter is sorting everything so I'll get her to contact you as I know she is looking at tickets and transfers.
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    Belfast double 22/23rd Feb 2019

    My daughter is sorting everything, I'll get her to contact you as I know she was looking at tickets and transfers.
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    Blaze pre-season ticket prices

    Being an old b*****d does have it's benefits..concessionary prices
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    2018/2019 will be best year yet

    I think I speak for all Devil's fans when I say these are the best days this club of ours has ever experienced, since you guys have got involved everything is more professional and we know that every season the Devil's are now the team to beat, we set the bar and other try to follow. Like you I...
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    Belfast double 22/23rd Feb 2019

    Hotel and flight sorted for 4 of us, flying from Brum same as last season but doing Thurs-Sun this time as opposed to Fir-Sun like last season.☺️
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    Early face off times

    Been following the Devil's since 86, never had a S/T because of shift work, I am now the ripe old age of 65 and only work part time with Fri, Sat and Sun as my days off, for the first time ever I am now a S/T holder and will be able to attend every weekend, would prefer 6pm start but not really...
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    My Turn - the premiere

    Very emotional documentary exposing what a horrid illness this is, how his wife stays so strong I don't know, seems like he's now reached the stage where verbal communication is impossible, so glad my partner, daughter, friend and myself made the effort, came out with a sad heart though.
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    Toughness ......

    Absolutely agree always a place for that type of player in the side, we have many talented players who can take the opposition to the cleaners but we do maybe lack a "menace" in the side who would create more room for those same talented players..yep a Vother type would be perfect.