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    All stars

    I remember writing somewhere on here I would let bowns leave and get morrisson or even Matt ginn and someone laughed at me. Look at the all star picks this season! 1st team G motte D Fournier D matheson F haddad F Ferrara F Herr 2nd team G Ginn .... .... .... .... .... Also no steelers or...
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    Haddad Fournier McNamee all win awards this season! One award left.
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    Andre payette

    Anyone else noticed he has gone missing? The post is on Twitter, Somewhere in Stoke he was seen last. Used to love watching him play for blaze and vipers back in the day even though he used to rough us up and score a few good goals. Sad times I hope he is found
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    Neil black

    Neil black has been tested positive for covid-19!! Let’s hope for a Speedy recovery for him
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    Steelers in the .....

    Steelers confirmed to represent the eihl in the conti cup next season!! No teams places guaranteed for the chl as yet..
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    Do anyone know how many are going on general sale Monday?
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    Challenge cup ticket!

    I need one adult ticket to the final as I haven't got a season ticket and I'm not sure il get one from the ticket office! Anyone who's willing to sell one to me il pay good money. Thanks
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    Rob Davison.

    For all us old time fans who remember him he was taking to hospital last night prior to an ahl game! He's under medical supervision so I hope he gets better soon!
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    Darnell retires

    He retires after tonight's sheffield v Panthers game. He says the best game he has been involved in and he always remembers was our come back against blaze when Reggie stringer scoring the winning pen shot.
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    Wronka leaves giants

    I really liked him and thought he was really good. Another decent player leaves the eihl
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    Panthers fan ban

    Apparently a fan has been banned from the next four home games for throwing a Chuck a puck at the referee on the weekend. This is viral over Twitter and Facebook
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    Petr cech

    He has joined Guildford Phoenix who I think are in the same league as Cardiff fire. I might go and watch a few games to see how he gets on. Fair do’s to him for trying something different.
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    Bowns may not be available for the weekend!! He has just lost his Gran and his head may not be with it. My thoughts are with him and the family
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    For a bit of fun!!

    With the teams nearly full who are you picking for the title this season?? 1Steelers 2Giants 3Devils 4Panthers 5Guildford 6Blaze 7Clan 8Storm 9Flyers 10Stars Top 3 will be close and wouldn’t be surprised to see it go down to the last few games like last season. I see stars struggling to be...
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    Blair riley. It’s a really good interview!!
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    Lift to Coventry??

    Me plus 1 would like to go to Coventry tomorrow but the red army buses are sold out, Anyone going want two passengers and we chip in petrol??