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  1. Swarley

    Ticket spot checks at the arena

    Just noticed on twitter that they're now doing spot checks on people's tickets at the arena and people need to make sure they have id with them. Not sure what caused this to happen but I have a few ideas lol
  2. Swarley

    EIHA want to ban abusive behaviour.

    While I agree with abusive behaviour needing to be stamped out be it against players, staff or officials I do find it kinda embarrassing that they've come out with this which seems directly aimed at fans after Hogarth went on twitter and posted some of the most unprofessional comments about...
  3. Swarley

    Devils v Flames this Saturday

    As some of you are probably on twitter already you'll of no doubt seen the posts from a Devils fan, I'm not going to go into details about it as it's easy enough to find on twitter just use to the #HockeyIsForEveryone in the search bar, but this Saturday block 10, 13 and a few other blocks are...
  4. Swarley

    The EHL...

    I was sent this by a mate who is also a Devils fan I'm curious what this might become and I'm curious what other members ideas might be as well especially as it was only registered about a week ago Everything below this post is what I was sent, it's not my views or opinions I'll post mine later...
  5. Swarley

    Devils vs frolunda tickets

    I've got two spare tickets in block 14 row E seats 3 and 4 going spare for tonight's game if anyone is interested, only asking a tenner each.
  6. Swarley

    Jersey update

    For people who don't use twitter and wanted an update on pre order jerseys.
  7. Swarley

    Justin Faryna used stick [SOLD]

    I'm thinking of parting with my used Justin Faryna stick, I'm open to reasonable offers in the range of £50 and as far as I'm aware it was use by him in either practice or an actual game. Can provide photos on request and will accept sensible offers.