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    Ice Rink - DUBLIN

    In today’s Press in Ireland there is interest growing to build an Ice Rink in the West of the city of Dublin. It would be private money . This has been brought about by Olympic interest and the lack of facilities in the South. It does mention use for Ice Hockey. That would be exciting if they...
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    New Topic

    I just can’t figure out how to start a New Topic. Someone please give me a clue. I bet it’s obvious.
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    22 Drewwwwww

    Drew has not had much Press on here but he deserved a bit of good press. This guy has just got better and better as he settles in. Does his business in a confident manner and showing considerable skating skills. Last night he was outstanding. May he long remain a Devil.
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    Joey Haddad

    Let's not forget Elite League player of the week - our very own Joey Haddad. He's a star - our star.
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    Giants v Devils Sunday Nov.11

    This will be a huge game! Bet they will use last season Challenge Cup Final tactics , namely crash bang wallop and in general try to intimidate us big time . Lord always does his homework and will be wise to it. (Those hungry for atmosphere will not be disappointed)
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    Views from Nottingham weekend

    Cardiff Let us down badly on Saturday. No sensible explanation for it. Cruised to a 6-0 win on Sunday Fife Give it everything on Saturday but never likely to beat a physically dominating team like Nottingham Nothing much left in the tank for Sunday Coventry Can be proud of their performance on...
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    Congratulations to TK

    A huge congratulations to TK and his off ice crew for a successful first game at the new arena. The work involved because of the ticketing having to be done by hand was enormous. It may be that a few were not happy with their seating but it has to be said that the event went off exceedingly...
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    RUBBISH - Litter in the rink

    The volume of Rubbish deposited on the floor at the BBT is disgraceful. I do hope that people treat the new arena with the respect it deserves There are those who tear up their 50/50 tickets and throw them all over the place. Obviously no consideration for the ones who have to clear it all up...
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    Weekend Officials

    From Elite League:- Dean Smith for Saturday Darnell for the Sheffield game on Sunday
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    FIVE Match ban for Marsh

    As it says in the title!
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    Weekend Referees

    The Elite League have published a list of referees for the forthcoming weekend: We have HICKS on Saturday against Giants !
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    State of the Ice: Devils v Steelers

    Sunday a.m. Seemingly the state of the ice is very poor. Hope they get it sorted by 6pm!! It was poor last night - it is worse now.
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    Devils new website

    Devils new website launched today. News of signings soon.
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    Going to Europe

    Although it would be fun,and the owners seem interested,I think it is just as well we are not involved in Continental Cup this time round. We have a major issue with changing from BBT to IAW mid season. Let's get that sorted first. Going back in recent history the teams that have gone to Europe...
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    Conference winner play off spot:

    I assume that if Nottingham win their conference there will be no play off positioning advantage for them? The advantage goes to the winner of the conference that does not produce the league winner. I apologise if this has been discussed previously somewhere.
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    Coach of the Year

    Two months ago I posted LORD for Coach of the Year award. It was early but posted for a reason - so I post it again.(regardless of what happens to Braehead and Sheffield)
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    Steelers v Clan - March 4

    What result is best for Cardiff? I guess a Steelers win since if we manage to win our games against them there is a chance to catch up and overtake. A Clan win creates a rather large gap. Any overtime would be bad news for us also. Your views.................
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    Coach of the Year Award

    Has to go to Andrew Lord surely. Can't even think of a worthy runner up!
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    Ben Davies GB MoM

    In the GB game v Netherlands our Ben was MoM. It is worth a mention as a separate topic. I would be far happier if Whistle had nailed down our Brits before going back to Canada and before the GB games later in the month.
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    Mac Faulkner on Premier Sports team for Playoff Final

    The title says it all really. He will be joined by Doug Christianson