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    Just thought if anyone didn't know GB lost to Italy last night with Venus getting the goal... well done the shambolic elite league not one word on the game ..
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    EIHL - Playoff 1/4 Final

    EIHL site stating devils home playoff fixture v glasgow is now 7.30...maybe tv game at last minute
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    Clan sign.....

    Coach Malcolm Cameron for his 2nd season.
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    Any idea anyone why Belfast game has been delayed as it was a 4pm FO
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    Clan / Flames Game off

    Clan v guildford off due to clan unable to put a side together, we'll there's a surprise with bans looming.
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    Ban at Blaze..

    Danny Stewart banned for 1 game due to rumpus in tunnel v Sheffield, he will miss blaze v devils Saturday.
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    CHL final live now in progress on freesports
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    As restrictions are being lifted monday for indoor events will we be mask free for our next game 6th march, saying that a lot were mask free last night.
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    League title..

    After all the hype from midweeks cup game .. Apart from Devils part in winning the league what are fans thoughts on the outcome, After Fox interview after the game i really hope Belfast win it now, we and Belfast can see steelers are wobbling big time,Belfast will want the cup as much as we...
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    Flames Vs Blaze game off..

    Flames game v Blaze off 16th Feb due to covid in Blaze camp..tob be fair Blaze could've called off last 2 or 3 games for the same reason but battled on .
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    IAW mask free from 28th statement released by welsh govt later today.whoop whoop..
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    Dave Whistle

    Good to see him back on our shores with Nottingham until end of season , helping out with training and on bench match nights..
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    sunday result

    Clan win at Panthers 2..1
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    Obviously no ban on Coughler after an apparent spearing,v storm as with Ginn on lammon which is surprising as lammon is injured.
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    If anyone wants a ice hockey fix on tuesday 2nd leg of CHL live semi between Frolunda and Rogle who lead 5.....3 from first leg
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    Dundee off

    As the Dundee game off on Sunday at their pad , obviously the devils booked flights to go there, will they be reimbursed by the airlines or eihl some sort of insurance.
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    Challenge cup final

    What are fans thoughts on getting this competition finished...would be surprised if the final is in cardiff...just wondering if it could turn into a 2 leg affair with all what's going on if that..
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    Devils v Flames Jan..1st

    Is the face off still 4pm or 7pm as per webstream face off time
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    Another game off

    Cardiff c. v Derby on weekend, thats 4 chamionship games off alread plus 5 efl games also spurs game tonight off.
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    Anyone notice the ice is bad the last few games, players falling for no reason, looks as if its melting in places behind the goal in patches block 5 end.