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    Who would you replace

    Please don’t sign bowns would prefer Jackson whistle over him after watching GB playing
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    So O’Connor didn’t win the game for us.
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    Wannabe how did O’Connor do ?
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    Agree with you mate
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    I understand that wannabe but it’s a shame they can’t tighten things up my opinion mate
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    Why dump and chase the puck
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    What a stop from bowns
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    Good saves from bowns
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    Dupont named head coach

    Have u got the link
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2022/23

    only TK and the owners know if Martin is going to return but personally I can’t see him coming back
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    Pacha leaves Stars

    wouldn’t you want DuPont as our coach?
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    New head coach

    What’s your views on whether DuPont is a contender to become the next devils head coach , I personally think he should be considered with someone along side him he has proven he can win games and a trophy.
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    Giants Vs Devils - Play-Off Final - 1st May 2022

    Congratulations to all devil players and coaches one hell of a game and the best team won on the day and to lift the playoff trophy
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    Giants Vs Devils - Play-Off Final - 1st May 2022

    I am going for a 3-2 devils win
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    Carruth Going?

    wouldnt want bowns back time to get another backup keeper in for next season
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    New coach: who should it be?

    Todd and owners will sure come up with another good coach to lead us to next season and beyond , I don’t think DuPont would be a good fit for head coach maybe assistant but we need a coach that can recruit and build a team to lift the title again and get all his players to turn up every week and...
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    Devils Vs steelers - League - 26th March 22

    Pull carruth poor game so far from all the team tonight
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    Giants Vs Devils - Challenge Cup Final - 16th March 22

    Well done devils for the great effort tonight with being short on D players a great run in the cup and you kicked ass by beating the steelers 5-0 in their own gaff and knocking them out of the cup ,its gonna hurt after tonight’s result but karma is a bitch and let’s hope we face the giants in...
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    Premier sports

    thanks for info gonna buy it now