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    5 coaches needed

    Interesting times ahead Fife, Dundee, Manchester, Nottingham and us all looking for coaches for next season Any thoughts anyone?
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    Tickets for sale - Steelers 18 Dec

    2 Senior tickets for sale (can be upgraded at box Office) for this Saturday Block 3 J17 & 18 - £26 the pair. Can be mailed against PayPal remittance - DM me
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    Covid Pass

    Looks !ike Covid passes will be needed from 15 Nov Today's press conference may tell us whether this is in addition to or instead of masks. If it's in addition AND there is evidence that mask wearing enforcement is...
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    Devils in ECHL

    Not a bad start for former Devils. In points order after 6 regular season games Jardine 5 from 5-1G Mychan 6 from 5 - 5G Haddad 4 from 6 - 2G McNmee 2 from 4 - 1G
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    Season so far

    Well, this is the time of the season when the discussion starts. How's the team doing, who's performing above expectations who is not, should someone be gassed, should the coach go etc. As no one has bothered so far I thought I'd chip in. I'm bored because the on ice product has nothing to...
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    Todd's statement

    Worth a read and a response. Great article but I would suggest there is little lack of faith in the Devils. There may be a spate of cancelled STs but I would suggest this is more to do with self protection - age...
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    And now it's Richie Another "not a surprise" Good luck Richie - see you next year
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    Olympic Qualifier Tickets

    4 concession tickets for sale - can be mailed Saturday 8/2 GB v Estonia Sunday 9/2 GB v Hungary Nottingham arena Block 6 Row E Seats 1 & 2 for both games Avoid booking fees - face value £13 each ticket DM me
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    Storm v Devils 15 December

    A question Will our streak continue? What streak I hear you ask. Well ...... Stars - Teddy Bear toss - goes to overtime Giants - Teddy Bear toss - goes to shoot out Guess what this Saturday is in Altrincham
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    CC Seedings

    If we win in regulation tonight our results will be identical to Giants except on goal difference where we are already ahead I can't find the seeding rules but will that goal difference mean we would be top seed or is there another criteria?
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    Banner raising

    Mentioned on CHL TV coverage that banner raising will be 16 Sept v Lightning Have the club announced this? I'll be there anyway but it would be good if the club communicated with the fans before/at the same time as the media Would be good if someone could confirm I've missed the announcement...
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    Am I right in getting a feeling that there are more injuries around the league than in previous seasons
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    Lee Richardson testimonial 6 May Swindon 5:45

    Whose going to this Franny, Maxie, Richie + more on ice
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    Matt Myers

    Anyone know why he was scratched for GB last night Is he injured At Playoffs Valdix had him against the boards and seemed to have his arm up his back, Matt's pained face and scream were not good He played on but is he not fully recovered
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    Satire is Dead

    So personal insults and sarcasm are allowed on here but fun satire per Rich Best is closed down by mods in about 1 hour - and it was even flagged up as a joke! A satirical post is an expression of opinion in its own way and is, surely, just as valid as any other post
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    Cardiff Hockey Family

    We all know how the Devils have done this year I am also aware of Fire and Comets being in their respective playoffs But does anyone have details of other Cardiff teams playing in formal league and how theyare doing/how they ended their season Thanks
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    Storm away travel

    For those intending to make their own way to Storm matches and don't know Manchester be aware Storm do not play in Manchester but in Altringham - part of greater Manchester It's about 8 miles south of the city itself but is well served by metro, train and bus to the Altringham interchange which...
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    Various EIHL Medals

    Found in apartment clearance in Cardiff Bay - no other provenance and not by me. Sorry (I know the rules) but I cannot price as not seen and I am not aware that there is any value at all Anyone interested PM me and I can put you in touch with the "owner" The list 1 x Elite ice hockey league...