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    England v Wales Saturday

    Hello, does anyone know if the rink are making provisions to put the game on in the bar prior to the hockey please? There’s a very short turnaround between the rugby finishing and the hockey starting.
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    Devils shop today

    Morning all, Does anyone know what the opening times the shop are today please? Thanks in advance.
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    Lord in Greenville

    Andrew Lord has taken a second player from the league.... Brendan Connolly!
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    New ice hockey magazine

    Geoff Woolhouse (ex Steelers and Panthers back up netminder) has produced a new magazine relating to all things hockey. Website here: It's on the steep side, but if you're a bit old school and like a physical publication, as opposed to online article reading, then...
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    Looking for Hendrikx Gameworn

    Hi all, Looking for a Hendrikx gameworn (any season) if any are about and decently priced. DM me. Cheers.
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    New players in action for Asiago Check out the clip of Asiagos run to the cup in 2014/15. Some quality plays from our new guys: #19 bentivoglio is in the white helmet always #18 ulmer scores lots of dirty goals around the crease and excellent at redirect too #24 hotham plays just like his brother...
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    6 imports to go...

    So 6 imports to go.... 3 forwards, 3 defencemen. I'd like to see Haddad back in the forwards and potentially Russell too. If not Russell, then Asselins teammate in Denmark (and in Germany), Corey Quirk, who looks like another winner that could make a big impact here. Issue would be that...
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    A festive song - Devils Related (12 days of Christmas)

    Would be so cool if the red army could get something like this going... Would need to be pre-game though i'm guessing, due to the obvious length. Criticisms welcomed :D On the first day of Christmas my owners gave to me, The Devils on top of the league On the second day of Christmas my...
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    CC Final

    Hey all, without trying to tempt fate, am i right in thinking that if we get through to the final we will be the Away team, and therefore sitting in the 'Visitor' section? Thanks.
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    Do we have the right line combinations?

    Carrying on from the 'Are we tough enough?' topic, without wishing to be negative at all, because i'm really enjoying what's on show this season, I think there are a few tweaks to be made that could turn us into a real force this season. Now I am in absolutely no way a coach. I also trust in...
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    Which import rests Saturday?

    So as KettDevil informed me on the Phil Cook thread (thanks), Saturday's game will be the last of Conboy's ban. Therefore, an import will need to be sat if Phil is ready to play. Just wondering if there is an obvious candidate for anyone? For me, I don't think there is and i would be inclined...
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    Game worn Tyson Marsh Christmas Jersey 2012

    CH Sports jersey. From Christmas 2012, one off green jersey, with the Devils logo wearing a santa hat. £220.... Open to offers
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    Devils sign 2
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    Stanley Cup Finals

    Good morning, Just a quick query. Does anyone know of places in/around Cardiff that would be showing live coverage of the Stanley cup final games please? Thanks.
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    Max Birbraer SOHB (Pre-Christmas)

    Hi, Selling on behalf of a friend: Max Birbraer red SOHB jersey for sale, worn in one of the first games of the season. £100. PM me. Thanks.
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    Playoff Finals - Nottingham 2013 Details for tickets have been released. Blocks 13 and 14 for the Devils, next to Braehead and Sheffield
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    January signings

    A few signings will probably be expected around the league this month, particularly in Braehead..... Starting today: Clan sign Toms Hartmanis. That's a decent signing who should be a point-a-game player.
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    Bans from last night (as they stand) Max 5 games for cross-check to the head Max 1 game for leaving dressing room after game Franny 1 game for fighting Subject to increase or be overturned........
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    Sestito match penalty downgraded

    So, penalty downgraded, free to play this weekend.... Looking forward to seeing the footage now.
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    Signing an NHLer a no brainer???

    So we are on the back of another loss, albeit to the best team in the league at the moment, and for me something clearly isn't right. A change needs to be made. Now I appreciate the sentiment behind players at this level needing their jobs to earn a living, however, hockey isn't always about...