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  1. Rich Best

    Coronavirus numbers

    Hello everyone. I just want to start by wishing everyone well in these trying times. I am sure, like me, you just can't wait to be back in the Viola watching our team again. Back to normality. It seems like the world has changed in the last 7 days. So, we are getting a lot of numbers thrown at...
  2. Rich Best

    The lack of consistency myth

    "At the time I had that chat with King during January he had worked out that Devils had the highest winning percentage of any major professional hockey team in the World." I have never got this lack of consistency argument. Our consistency was lacking 'perfection', that is it. We won more...
  3. Rich Best

    So, this is it. Let's make history!

    So, this is it. What an amazing position to be in, and what a crap position to be in if you are a Belfast Giants fan. It is in our hands, we have a home game against the bottom of the league club followed by a short away trip to a team who's fate may well be decided by the time we play them...
  4. Rich Best

    I have a spare ticket for tonight block 19

    I have a spare ticket for tonight (4pm face off) in block 19 happy to sell it for normal price (£18). Message me if interested.
  5. Rich Best

    Help The Homeless Christmas Appeal (with Kris Agland - Cardiff Devils Commercial Director)

    I wanted to post a few links on the forum, to ask people to help out Kris Agland (Commercial Director at the Cardiff Devils) with his Christmas appeal for the homeless. Click and watch this video which explains all -> Here is the Just Giving Link to donate ->...
  6. Rich Best


    I bring my daughter ice skating early every Saturday morning, and the only player i see running round the arena 'warming up' and working on his conditioning is Bryce. That explains why he is one of our fittest and most mobile players, and why Lordo rates him so highly. I hope he stays with us...
  7. Rich Best

    Matthew Myers

    Has any player in eihl history won more silverware than Matthew Myers? I know he won a few challenge cups with Nottingham and I believe the league and playoffs with Nottingham. In fact does anyone else come close??
  8. Rich Best

    Positivity Overload - Technical Issues [only joking]

    Due to an unprecedented overload of positive comments, you may have noticed that The Inferno suffered some technical problems yesterday and we had to reboot. We are aware that this year we have a team of superb quality - but our servers are simply not setup to deal with such an overload of...
  9. Rich Best

    Why aren't we talking about Lordo?

    Lordo had his first weekend of competitive games as a full blown coach this weekend (as opposed to a player coach). We played fantastically and I believe he had a massive part in that. I have always like lordo as a player - and indeed as a player coach. But I think we saw a glimpse this weekend...
  10. Rich Best

    How Many Points Do We Need To Win The Elite League?

    Am I right in thinking that we have 6 games left and if we get 10 points (72 total) we are guaranteed to win the elite league? However, the way this league is going I think 70 points would likely do it and it could even be as low as 68 / 69 points. I certainly can't see any team winning all...